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Ryerson Role Models

Ryerson is a small and involved community. Part of any good educational experience—here and anywhere—are the great people who surround you throughout, those you…



Editor’s note: Christmas is that time of year where families and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company. It is a time to be…

"Magic Markers"–Petrija

Inner child

Editor’s note: Tom Stoppard once said, “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” While we don’t think often about it,…




Vivacious like a full-bloomed rose, No one knew about your thorns. And from your stage, you grew on every person in the crowd; A…


Word Vomit

“Let’s talk about space” you said. “It’ll be fun” you said. Okay then. “I plucked the stars for you Pulled them from their sticky…



FolioPhonic Episode 4: Poetics

For our first episode of 2015, we invited three Ryerson students to share their writing with us. Featuring: Cameron MacDonald of The Continuist, plus…

Image courtesy of Bush

FolioPhonic Episode 3: BUSH

On this episode of FolioPhonic, Ryerson students Jennifer Rowley and Stephanie Sturino chat about their RTA documentary project, BUSH, all about female body hair…



FLIP technologies

  The future of fitness tracking is here and but not quite at arm’s reach– it’s in India. Jibin Jose and Abimanyu Nair, co-founders…


The city builders of today

On Nov. 8, the TIFF Bell Lightbox opened its theatre doors to “Who Builds the City?”, a symposium that included architects, educators and curators…