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Ryerson Poetry Slam Nov 20 2014 058

Slamming the stage

After being accompanied to the front of the room by thunderous applause and cheering, the silence that fell across the audience should have been…

Photo: Eunice Kim

Ryerson Dances 2014

A massive hunk of metal detritus spans the length of the stage in the Ryerson Theatre and rust-coloured lighting evokes the feeling of being…

Fashion & Lifestyle

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Don’t stop ’til NYC

Sarah Chang recalls sitting in her first year class at Ryerson listening to a Fashion alumni speak on a discussion panel. “I remember sitting…



Two models appear in the entrance of the room. One is wearing all black and sports a vest with a row of plastic buckles…

Photo Booth

"Magic Markers"–Petrija

Inner child

Editor’s note: Tom Stoppard once said, “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” While we don’t think often about it,…

Photo: Bailey Parnell

Access Restricted

RU Student Life reached new heights on Friday, Oct. 3, hosting their very first #RUInsta Rooftop Meet-up tour for the campus community. Wet, dreary…



Why you should Fightback

“’m not going to apologize: We are a Marxist group.” The phrase hardly warrants an apology—the website for Fightback’s socialist group (“The Marxist Voice…

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The Ford Show

here is one fact for certain in Toronto municipal politics: Where Rob Ford goes, cameras will follow. The second mayoral debate of the year—held…


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V. This is still a story because I already told you it’s a story Now picture this! a bowl of earth, milky and with…

Illustration by Hannah Stinson

Camping Trip

I have forty seconds left to live. Judging from the distance between the alpha’s gaping maw and my exposed neck, I have two choices…


Design by Miguel Betz

FolioPhonic: Episode 1

In our first episode of FolioPhonic, Emily Joveski discusses racism in Toronto’s municiple elections. Host: Emily Joveski Producer: Jacqueline Tucci Guests: Ausma Malik, Margaret…



TEDxRyerson 2014 highlights

On Saturday, the annual TEDxRyersonU event was held at the Royal Ontario Museum. The event opened with a talk from third-year Ryerson sociology student…


HitchBOT comes home

Lily Beaul asks, “What do you think about Game of Thrones?” “It’s my favourite. Everyone dies and none of them are robots,” hitchBOT replies….

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How to build a legacy

“The places we’ve built have affected people beyond Ryerson,” said Sheldon Levy to the audience attending his Nov. 7 keynote address for “Who Builds…