6 career resources to help students launch their careers

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Although keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe should be our main priorities right now, with tuition, rent, and other expenses remaining pretty much the same as pre-pandemic, being unemployed is not an option for many who have bills to pay. 

With COVID-19 affecting almost all aspects of our lives,  jobs, internships, and opportunities have taken a toll. Getting laid off or having hours reduced are common and justified fears that may arise these days. 

According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate reached a record high at over 13 percent two months into the pandemic around May 2020. 

This data may be disheartening for those looking for work to pay off basic expenses and bills right now, especially graduating students looking for internships and work placements to end their term successfully. 

However, according to Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey, Canada has regained 55 percent of jobs lost to COVID-19, providing a ray of hope to those who are looking for work.

As companies shift to remote work and adapt to operating during a pandemic, internships and early-career opportunities are slowly trickling back onto job boards. Now, the question is: how do students find and apply for these opportunities?

Ryerson students have several resources to turn to when job hunting. These resources help direct one’s research as well as point students in the right direction and provide them with tips and tricks for making a resume and cover letter more noticeable.

Here are some of the resources: 

  1. Career Advising Appointments

A career advising appointment is a great resource that helps you weigh your options, decide a career path, and identify opportunities. Advising appointments are released every Friday at noon. To book an appointment, visit the website or email Career Advising at career@ryerson.ca

  1. Virtual Resume and Cover letter Dropbox

This might be one of the best services offered by the Ryerson Career and Co-op Centre. 

A good resume and cover letter are key to getting your dream job. No matter how much experience you might have, these two pieces of information are what gets you an interview. You must be able to fully express yourself and impress the hiring manager through these documents and Ryerson Career and Co-op Centre helps you do just that. Advice is given in terms of formatting, placement, structure, and much more! This is a great resource that helps you get constructive feedback on your cover letter and resume. It’s also verified and edited by the Career Education Advisor Team. 

  1. FCAD Careers Group on Facebook.

The FCAD Careers Group posts job listings, mentorship opportunities, regular RCCC updates, and much more. It’s moderated and organized by FCAD administrative staff and Ryerson alumni and has helped point FCAD students towards creative job opportunities. 

The group is divided into jobs, opportunities, mentorships, and events. This is where you can find all relevant information related to the creative community. 

  1. Ryerson Student Life and Learning Support are currently hiring.

Student Life and Learning Support (SLLS) provides opportunities for students to grow socially, civically, and become academically engaged members of their communities. There are several openings for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 as well.

  1. Ryerson’s Job Boards

Ryerson’s job boards are specifically built around the Ryerson community’s needs and requirements. 

One of the job boards is Magnet, an innovative job search network that tailors and presents opportunities according to one’s qualifications and experiences. Magnet consists of a network of over 10,000 employers.

  1. Career and Co-op Center Calendar

The calendar outlines, faculty-specific events, and workshops with different employers. They also host sessions on accurate job searches and the next steps to launching your next career move. These events are a great way to stay updated on current job trends and employers who are currently hiring. This is a must-save on any student’s calendar. Events range anywhere from undergraduate job searching, graduate applications to future-ready series, and launching your own entrepreneurial venture.

The resources included above might not directly be a job opening or land you your dream internship right away, however, they will help you create a step-by-step journey towards launching a conscious and stable career. 

Happy job searching!