A Very November Christmas

Shoppers' Facebook update

It’s not the most wonderful time of the year – not yet. But for stores all over Toronto, the end of Halloween season means one thing only: jingles and mistletoes are in order. Is it not, however, too early to start with holiday spirit?

When asked their opinion on the subject, 95 per cent of 18 Ryerson University students felt it is too early to be spreading holiday cheer.

“Halloween happens on the 31st, the overnight it’s Christmas,” said third-year journalism student Victoria Kuglin.

Although she absolutely adores the holiday, she does not think that Christmas spirit can be switched on and off, as certain stores attempt to do.

Shoppers Drug Mart customers no longer need worry about Frosty the Snowman stalking them in the store aisles. The company recently announced it would not be paying any more Christmas “until further notice” due to complaints.

“It all ties into the economy,” said Trevor Thompson, an environmental and urban sustainability student. He believes stores use Christmas music as a shopping-inducing maneuver. “I understand that they’re trying to boost their sales, but it does feel like they’re pressuring you to buy more stuff.”

Corinne Furniss, a fourth year fashion design student, said that stores will try to “draw you in for any reason,”which results in Christmas being exploited for the good of commercialism. “Commercialism ruins the true meaning of Christmas, whatever it is to you. It makes it about money and that’s not what it’s supposed to be about.”

7,606 people have liked the unexpected Facebook announcement. And though some of the comments are complaining about Shoppers’ decision, most of the response has been positive.

But not everyone feels the same.

Early childhood educations student Melissa Collins likes eager stores that incorporate the festivities into their displays. She thinks that it’s “sad” that Shoppers Drug Mart has had to stop playing their seasonal songs.

Three students individually stated that upon first hearing Christmas music and laying eyes on the festive decorations, excitement does overcome them. However, because the holiday season is dragged on for nearly two months, this excitement dissipates far too soon.

Josie Novello,  a first year history student, works at Sobey’s and said that the store began to prepare their Christmas decorations before Halloween had even passed. They, unlike Shoppers Drug Mart, will be playing Christmas music until the holiday season comes to an end.