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Ryerson Folio Magazine is Ryerson University’s general interest magazine. The publication was co-founded by Trung Ho (Business Management ’12) and Jen Tse (Journalism) in 2011.

Ryerson Folio’s vision is to create a collaborative publication by Ryerson University students. Our team is compiled of students from various programs and faculties. Our current masthead includes students from business, fashion communication and design, journalism, film, creative industries and photography. We believe that when students come together and share our differentiating skill sets, we can offer the community a unique publication.

We hope you enjoy the magazine!

Join the team!

We are always welcoming new team members, story pitches, and submissions from current students, alumni, faculty and staff at Ryerson University. We are always looking for:

  • Writers, photographers, illustrators, copy editors and fact checkers
  • Fiction, photo essays and personal essay submissions

If you are interested in joining the team or contributing to the magazine, please contact us at ryersonfolio at gmail.com.

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You can contact us by email at ryersonfolio at gmail.com, on Twitter @RyersonFolio, and on Facebook.

Our Masthead

Augustine Ng | Editor-in-Chief | Journalism ’18

img_2259I’m a third-year journalism student who is always looking for the next big thing. I enjoy taking pictures, looking at them, doodling and listening to music with my human ears. Sometimes all at once. Since I draw from my surroundings so much for inspiration, I hope to bring in an equal amount of creative energy into this world. I like to call it the global creative sustainability plan. No I did not just make that up. Ok fine, I did. Follow me on Instagram @augustineng and Twitter @ughustine.


Hanna Lee | Managing Editor | Journalism ’18


I’m a third-year journalism student. My interests include reading a good book and lying about my interests. I tell everyone I’m in journalism because I like writing but it’s really because I’m nosy. I’m scared of everything, including crossing the street, insects with more than two eyes and managing a large team of people. Follow me on Instagram @hanllee.



Sabrina Bertsch | Production Manager & Head of Podcast | Media Production ’18

IMG_7287-2I’m a third-year media production student who set up three-point lighting in her bedroom. I collect snow globes and Disney mugs, and prefer to watch television with subtitles on. I’m a newfound sports fan of the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Maple Leafs. By the time I’m 30, I hope to have visited every continent (including Antarctica). Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @brinabertsch.



Celina Gallardo | Arts Editor | Journalism ’19 



Before I became a journalism student, I hopped back and forth between Manila and Abu Dhabi, picking up a love for puns and stories along the way. I enjoy still and moving images as well as funky tunes. Catch me around campus sipping on tea and regretting the excess amount of honey I’ve put into it.



Emily Skublics | Fashion & Lifestyle Editor | Creative Industries ’17

img_2248As a fourth-year creative industries student, I’ll be in the program’s first graduating class. This says more about me than anything else – I love pushing myself to be a pioneer (read: guinea pig) while never having to choose only one discipline. I have interned at, contributed to, and still fawn over my favourite publication, The Kit. My interests range from art history and astronomy to tap dancing and 2000s TV shows (mostly Gilmore Girls for its unrivalled quick wit and pop culture references). Find me on Instagram @emilyskublics.


Emma McIntosh | Business & Technology Editor | Journalism ’18


I’m a third-year journalism student, two-time expat and a recent bike convert who needs a certain dose of water and tree exposure to sustain happiness. I also play violin badly in an indie folk band. My past bylines have appeared in the Calgary Herald and National Post, and my current day job is manning the Toronto Star’s radio room. I like to know everything.



Lisa Cumming | Ideas Co-Editor | Journalism ’18

PostcardFrontHowdy, I’m Lisa. I’m going into my third year at Ryerson’s School of Journalism and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be co-leading the Ideas section this year. A little bit about me: I frequent the $1 bin at BMV, I wish I was better at Trivial Pursuit and I can multitask like no one’s business. You’ll often find me wearing hilariously neon colours carrying my notebook full of ideas…hah get it? Ideas. Can’t wait to meet you all!



Mitchell Thompson | Ideas Co-Editor | Journalism ’18


I’m a third-year journalism student with a keen interest in politics and activist culture. I’ve written for Rabble, Canadian Dimension, Dissident Voice and others and write regularly for Disinformation.com and The Eyeopener as a columnist. When not working, I enjoy sleeping, arguing and listening to Afro-Cuban jazz and instrumental hip-hop.




Morgan Bocknek | Head of Photography | Journalism ’18



I’m a third-year journalism student and feminist killjoy. Before Folio, I’ve done work for Today’s Parent, snapd, College Fashionista and Huffington Post Canada. If you have an idea or a story you want told, drop us a line! You can follow me on Twitter @mobocks.



Karen Chan | Head of Social Media | Journalism ’17

img_2383I’m a fourth-year journalism student who probably wastes too much of her time on the internet. I was the social media manager for Folio last year, and I’ve contributed to the publication in the past. I strive to learn, find things I love, and discover more about myself because I honestly have no idea what I’m doing in life about 99% of the time. I enjoy reading, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and finding out about spoilers for TV shows I don’t watch. Follow me on Twitter @hikarenchan.



Victoria Shariati | Head of Copy | Journalism ’19

img_2239I’m a second-year journalism student with a passion for spicy food, the Pre-Raphaelites and gross things. Some other Ryerson-based publications I’ve written for are The Eyeopener, McClung’s and CanCulture. When I’m not pretending to work, you can find me filming myself dancing to Ginuwine on Photo Booth or scaring people at karaoke. Follow me on Instagram at @kilgore__trout.




Quinton Bradshaw | Podcast Co-Editor and Producer | Media Production ’19

PostcardFrontI’m a second-year media production student and I’m a podcast producer for this year! I first broke into the audio biz at the tender age of 11 when, while visiting Toronto, I was interviewed about tourist photography for CBC’s Metro Morning at the base of the CN Tower. This is ironic because I am no longer a Toronto tourist, nor a good photographer, but I HAVE become somewhat of a podcast and radio nerd! When not podcasting, catch me riding my bike, eating breakfast food 24/7, and struggling to think of clever tweets @q_bbrad.



Kemeisha McDonald | Podcast Co-Editor and Producer | Journalism ’17

img_2241I’m a fourth-year journalism student and before you ask, I’m not related to Ronald McDonald. Unfortunately…  How cool would that be?! I am, however, a retweet fanatic, and YouTube has a very special place in my heart. I have a passion for production, both behind the scenes editing and in front of the camera. So fittingly, I’ll be a podcast editor this year. I enjoy pop-culture, cheesy-horror movies and reality television. I know, super corny…but that’s me. Follow me on Twitter, @kemeishamc.



Mikie Jae | Co-Art Director | Creative Industries ’18

img_2225Hi! I’m Mikie Jae and I’m currently in third-year creative industries. I’m my best and happiest self when I’m creating and designing. Besides that, I enjoy watching horror movies, attempting to astral project and taking photos. I’m extremely excited to be working on Folio alongside some other extremely talented peeps! Get to know me more on my Instagram!!! @miksjae



Alicia Siow | Co-Art Director | Graphic Communications Management ’17

img_2232I’m a fourth-year graphic communications management student, minoring in human resources. My passion is design and you’ll often find me browsing through Pinterest while listening to indie-alternative jams on Soundcloud. Besides that, I’m always searching for a great cup of coffee or a new study spot. I look forward to working with a talented team of innovators! Find me on insta @alicia_siow!




Lucy Yin | Head of Finance | Business Management ’18

img_2235I’m a third-year business student pursuing real estate and minoring in accounting studies. I find great passion in singing and making covers. I’ve recently started to teach myself how to make beats. Other than that, I also enjoy reading Haruki Murakami books. You will most definitely find me at a random coffee shop because cafe hopping is also one of my hobbies. Follow me on instagram: @yung.potato.



Seta Manukyan | Marketing & Events | Business Management ’18

img_2252I’m a third-year business management student studying marketing and communications. I spend my free time flipping through the pages of vintage magazines and hunting for the perfect guacamole recipe. For daily updates on my life, follow me on Twitter @setathinks and on Instagram @bcbseta.