About Ryerson Folio - Ryerson Folio Magazine

Ryerson Folio magazine is Ryerson University’s general interest magazine. The publication was co-founded by Trung Ho and Jen Tse in 2011.

Folio’s vision is to create a collaborative publication by Ryerson University students. Our team is compiled of students from various programs and faculties. Our current masthead includes students from journalism, film, English, creative industries and accounting. We believe that when students come together and share our differentiating skill sets, we can offer the community a unique publication.

We hope you enjoy the magazine!

Join the team!

We are always welcoming new team members, story pitches, and submissions from current students, alumni, faculty and staff at Ryerson University. We are always looking for:

  • Writers, photographers, illustrators, copy editors and fact checkers
  • Fiction, photo essays and personal essay submissions

If you are interested in joining the team or contributing to the magazine, please contact us at ryersonfolio@gmail.com

Contact Us

You can contact us by email at ryersonfolio@gmail.com, on Twitter @RyersonFolio, on Instagram @RyersonFolio and on Facebook.

Our Masthead

Mariyam Khaja | Editor-in-Chief | Journalism ’21

I’m a third-year journalism student excited to be leading Folio this year, alongside a talented and diverse team of writers and creatives. Love: magazines (the Atlantic, the New Yorker, the Walrus), coffee, slam poetry, and my nude hijab, which, despite having so many options to choose from, always ends up on my head. You can find me on campus procrastinating, or on Twitter: @mfkhaja.

Asmaa Toor | Managing Editor | Journalism ’21

I’m a third-year journalism student who talks way too much. You’ll probably hear me before you see me. I love meeting new people and striking up conversations. Some of my many obsessions are flowers, dark lipsticks and peppermint mochas from Starbucks (no correlation whatsoever). I’m super excited to work with an awesome team of editors, writers and content creators this year for Folio. Find me on Instagram at @asmaatoor!

Nicole Fernandes | Production Manager | Journalism ’21

I’m an aspiring sports writer and a strong believer that the “N” in TSN stands for Nicole. I spend most of my time rocking Mitch Marner gear, being a sucker for the Jonas Brothers and rewatching Schitt’s Creek on my laptop covered in hockey stickers (you can’t miss it). Patiently waiting for a Big Time Rush reunion. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @nicolefernxndes!

Jemma Dooreleyers | Arts Editor | Journalism ’21

I’m a third-year journalism student with a deep interest in people, literature and politics. I’m a Virgo by all definitions of the word and love to read and watch government conspiracy videos in my free time. I’m the youngest of six children which I believe has a strong impact on who I am as a person. I am currently living in Toronto with my boyfriend and our kitten, Moonbow.

Sophie Chong | Business & Technology Editor | Journalism ’21

I’m a third year journalism student and I am ready to tackle the world of business and technology journalism. I’m currently on my way to completing a double minor in Computer Science and eBusiness, so my passion hovers around creative writing, studying the dynamics of e-commerce, and learning about technological innovation. I’m a big believer in trying something new. You will likely find me eating Samyang noodles, cheesing around at the Venn in the RCC, or eating ice cream in any weather, season, or holiday.

Madison Dolman | Fashion & Lifestyle Co-Editor | Journalism ’22

I’m a second-year Journalism student, born and raised here in Toronto, with a HUGE caffeine addiction! No, seriously, if you bring me a coffee, make sure it’s black! I’m probably the only Madison you know, and I’ll make sure you remember me. I love traveling and I’m a nerd for perfect French grammar…also a huge advocate for sour candy. You’ll probably see me in a different outfit every day because my collection of Aritzia sweaters is LITERALLY endless! Anyways, come see what’s poppin’ on my insta @madisondolman, I don’t bite!

Olivia Johnson | Fashion & Lifestyle Co-Editor | Publishing

“Can you please spell ‘Gabbana’?” – The Devil Wears Prada. I am a journalism turned publishing graduate student from Vancouver, BC. Writing has always been a huge part of my life and I’m excited to dip my toes into this new area of editing fashion and lifestyle. You can find me at various local cafes curled up with a tea latte and a good book always in hand. I say spicy too much and will forever be rewatching Friends. @livjohnson34 on Instagram!

Meara Khanna | Fiction Editor | Journalism ’22

I’m a second-year Journalist student, but fourth-year Ryerson student in general. I love true crime shows and reality TV – the more drama the better. When I’m not indulging in this, I’m drinking too much coffee, or making my 6th to-do list. I love daydreaming and using my imagination, which makes being Fiction Editor that much more exciting! My Instagram is @Khannameara. 

Shayna Nicolay | Ideas Editor, Art Co-Director | Journalism ’21

I’m a third-year journalism student who is passionate about learning the stories of people around me. I have a big spot in my heart for all kinds of entertainment and because of that, probably spend way too much time procrastinating by having karaoke sessions in my apartment and watching Netflix. I like to create art any way I can whether that be through fashion, poetry, sketching, make up, or on computer programs. You can probably find me at the Oakham Cafe on campus, or on Instagram @heyyits_shay. 

Mariam Nouser | Podcast Editor | Journalism ’23

I’m a first-year journalism student with a passion for equity, politics and entrepreneurship. Prior to studying journalism, I was an industrial engineering student at Ryerson. Fun facts about me: I’m a polyglot, am a decent cook and have been married for over a year.

Kirti Vyas | Head of Photography | Journalism ’21

I’m a third-year journalism student who loves to travel and read. I like talking about the environment, politics and the law. Sometimes I don’t know when to stop joining things so if you think I look stressed sometimes, I probably am.

Kaitlyn-Lee Mun | Art Co-Director | Creative Industries ’20

I am a fourth year Creative Industries student at Ryerson, studying graphic design and pro-com. I’m a big fan of trying out new restaurants, seeing new places and saving some coin (which is basically contradictory, but you have to live life on the edge sometimes!) I have an appreciation for all things aesthetic, so I’m excited to be sharing the role of Art Co-Director. It honestly took me so long to write this because I’m terrible at talking about myself, but I’m also super excited to work with the talented individuals at Ryerson Folio this year!

Alexandra Sanchez | Head of Finance | Accounting and Finance ’21

I’m a third-year accounting student who enjoys reading and visiting conservation areas. I also love meeting students from different programs/faculties, and that is why I am excited to join the Ryerson Folio Magazine as the Finance Coordinator this year.