About Ryerson Folio - Ryerson Folio Magazine

Ryerson Folio Magazine is Ryerson University’s general interest magazine. The publication was co-founded by Trung Ho (Business Management ’12) and Jen Tse (Journalism) in 2011.

Ryerson Folio’s vision is to create a collaborative publication by Ryerson University students. Our team is compiled of students from various programs and faculties. Our current masthead includes students from  journalism, film, English, creative industries and accounting. We believe that when students come together and share our differentiating skill sets, we can offer the community a unique publication.

We hope you enjoy the magazine!

Join the team!

We are always welcoming new team members, story pitches, and submissions from current students, alumni, faculty and staff at Ryerson University. We are always looking for:

  • Writers, photographers, illustrators, copy editors and fact checkers
  • Fiction, photo essays and personal essay submissions

If you are interested in joining the team or contributing to the magazine, please contact us at ryersonfolio@gmail.com

Contact Us

You can contact us by email at ryersonfolio@gmail.com, on Twitter @RyersonFolio, on Instagram @RyersonFolio and on Facebook.

Our Masthead

Celina Gallardo | Editor-in-Chief | Journalism ’19

I’m just your everyday Facebook group-spamming journo student and I’ve been working with Folio for as long as I’ve been attempting to construct the perfect lede. I appreciate a lot of things, including the arts, eggs, Labrador Retrievers and nuanced stories. I like spending my Friday nights drinking ginger ale and jamming out to the Law & Order SVU theme song. Follow @cmcgallardo for the very occasional retweet.



Victoria Shariati | Managing Editor | Journalism ’19

Writer, news junkie and big lover of weird foreign films. Find proof of this on my Instagram @kilgore__trout





Jordan Currie | Production Manager | Journalism ’19

I’m a third-year journalism student with a keen interest in topics such as intersectional feminism, pop culture, the representation of marginalized voices in the media, and theatre. My iTunes is a classic mixture of moody and show tunes. Twitter: @jord_currie




Kamille Coppin | Fashion & Lifestyle Editor | Journalism ’19

I’m a third-year journalism student also completing a minor in fashion   communications. As a writer I am inspired by the socio-political influences that affect the fashion industry such as climate change, womens’ rights, racial/colour bias, etc. I am also a strong believer in having dessert before dinner.




Scott McLean| Business & Technology Editor | Journalism ’20

I’m a former senior communications professional who joined the journalism program at Ryerson this year. An avid politico, I used to perform stand-up and improv comedy and have a passion for live event photography.




Ethan Jakob Craft | Ideas Co-Editor | Journalism ’20

I’m a second-year journalism student born and raised in the Arizona desert and I use my middle name for everything because I unfortunately share my first and last name with a significantly more popular Lizzie McGuire character. When I’m not spending copious amounts of money on pizza, I’m funding my perilous travel habit that’s taken me everywhere from Paris to Pyongyang. Find me on Twitter, Instagram and just about every other social media @ethanjakobcraft.



Danielle Howson | Ideas Co-Editor | Creative Industries ’19

I’m a third-year creative industries human. My interests include looking at pictures of daisy tattoos, binging interior design videos on YouTube, and watching Big Brother like it’s my religion. I love keeping things awkwardly formal so send me a GCal invite if you ever wanna hang, otherwise I WILL forget.




Ben Cohen | Fiction Editor | Journalism ’20

I’m a guy who likes writing, reading, drawing, longboarding and playing the drums. I’m editor-in-chief of two publications: the Unaffiliated Press, a magazine I started with some pals, and the TEDxRyersonU magazine. I’m jazzed to be fiction editor at Folio and I hope to one day overcome impostor syndrome.




Sherry Li | Head of Photography | Journalism ’18

I’m currently in my last year of journalism at Ryerson University and I’ve focused on broadcast and photojournalism. I’m a writer, TV addict, and a movie fanatic (TIFF is my favourite time of year). I love animals and I currently have a corn snake and a grumpy hedgehog. Instagram: @sherrys.world




Bianca Bharti | Head of Social Media | Journalism ’19

I’m a third-year journalism student who has a love-turn-borderline-obsession for dogs and I’m a know-it-all when it comes to desi chai. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @biancabharti if you want to know how to make real chai!




Samantha Cumerlato | Head of Copy | Journalism ’18

I’m a fourth-year journalism student and self-identified grammar nerd. I’ve previously worked as a copy editor for McClung’s magazine. When I’m not taking stress-induced naps I’m usually working as a freelance videographer, geeking out over production equipment, or arguing in favour of the Oxford comma.





Zahraa Hmood | Podcast Co-Editor and Producer | Journalism ’19

Hi! I’m a third-year journalism student, former city kid turned suburbanite, and kind of a nosy person. I’m currently in a committed relationship with audio, but writing will always be my first love. Any downtime I get is devoted to journalling excessively, making playlists, or spent with my family, having a laugh over some chai. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @zahraaesque (if you’d like).



Naiyelli Romero Aguero | Podcast Co-Editor and Producer | Film Studies ’18

As a fourth-year film student, I spend my days trying to forget the cost of making a film. During my downtime, you can catch me watching movies only to fall asleep halfway through, so I can enjoy watching the same scenes all over again before falling asleep at the same spot! However, with all this sleep I get watching movies, I can gather my energy to kick butt at some awesome board games. Feel free to hit me up for recommendations on Twitter @Naiyelli or check out my Instagram @naiyelliromero




MaryAnn Icaro | Co-Art Director |Media Production ‘20

A graphic design geek that became obsessed with Photoshop after discovering that the overlay layer mode makes colours look like “eyeshadow.” Can be found on the TTC staring too closely at ugly subway ads. Closes her eyes when she jaywalks. On insta @mary.nn.




Jake Benaim | Co-Art Director | Media Production ’20

I’m just your everyday jock, minus the athleticism, interest in sports and general coolness. My hobbies include telling strangers about the joys of the Adobe Suite and pointing at things written in the Helvetica typeface. Fun story! One time I got on the wrong bus and ended up at an IKEA, but how could you be upset about something like that when you’re at IKEA? It’s like Swedish Disney World!





Cassandra Liang | Head of Finance | Accounting ’20






Marion Grant | Marketing & Events | English ’18

I have separation anxiety from Netflix. I love rewatching the same shows and trying to beat my personal records for how many days it takes for me to finish a series.




Photos by Laura Springall and Celina Gallardo