About Ryerson Folio - Ryerson Folio Magazine

Ryerson Folio magazine is Ryerson University’s general interest magazine. The publication was co-founded by Trung Ho and Jen Tse in 2011.

Folio’s vision is to create a collaborative publication by Ryerson University students. Our team is compiled of students from various programs and faculties. Our current masthead includes students from journalism, film, English, creative industries and accounting. We believe that when students come together and share our differentiating skill sets, we can offer the community a unique publication.

We hope you enjoy the magazine!

Join the team!

We are always welcoming new team members, story pitches, and submissions from current students, alumni, faculty and staff at Ryerson University. We are always looking for:

  • Writers, photographers, illustrators, copy editors and fact checkers
  • Fiction, photo essays and personal essay submissions

If you are interested in joining the team or contributing to the magazine, please contact us at ryersonfolio@gmail.com

Contact Us

You can contact us by email at ryersonfolio@gmail.com, on Twitter @RyersonFolio, on Instagram @RyersonFolio and on Facebook.

Our Masthead

Ethan Jakob Craft | Editor-in-Chief | Journalism ’20

I’m a third-year journalism student born and raised in the Arizona desert and I use my middle name for everything because I (unfortunately) share my first and last name with a significantly more popular Lizzie McGuire character. When I’m not spending copious amounts of money on pizza, I’m funding my perilous travel habit that’s taken me everywhere from Iceland to Uzbekistan to North Korea. Find me on Twitter, Instagram and just about every other social media @ethanjakobcraft.



Charles Buckley | Managing Editor | Journalism ’20

There’s nothing I love more than a good story. As an accomplished know-it-all and a stickler for CP style, I have experience writing in both journalistic and literary settings. I also co-host Gone Full Circle, a weekly current events podcast with fellow editor Moosa Imran. From news, to the arts, to fiction, I like to bring an impassioned and interested approach to reporting and storytelling.



Julianna Perkins | Production Manager | Journalism ’20

I’m a third-year journalism student excited to take on the production of Folio’s 2018-19 magazine as a passion project and experiment in collaborative creativity. In addition, I’m currently working as a co-editor-in-chief of Her Campus at Ryerson. I have no idea where my career will take me, but I know four things for certain: I likes big ideas, big adventures, big earrings and big dogs. You can find me on Twitter at @J_C_Perkins and on Instagram at @jp_perkins. Oh, and I will beat you at Mario Kart Wii.



Andrea Josic | Arts Co-Editor | Journalism ’20

I’m a third-year journalism student also completing a minor in English. I always keep a balance between above-average jokes and electric, mind-opening conversations. For thought-provoking content, check me out on Twitter @dreajosic. My funnier alter ego lives @localdollarama on Twitter and Instagram.




Nuha Khan | Arts Co-Editor | Journalism ’21

I am a second-year journalism student. I have a part time job working at an art gallery and currently intern with a podcast branch called Inappropriate Questions. In my spare time, I do anything arts and crafts related, like designing stickers and making my own phone cases. I’m also a fan of classic 1950s cinema, the film Roman Holiday being my favourite.




Mariyam Khaja | Ideas Co-Editor | Journalism ’21

I’m a second-year journalism student who writes on social issues, culture, race, and everything else in between. I love to travel, eat donuts, and learn about peoples’ stories.





Michael Maksimenko | Fiction Editor | English ’20

I’m a lowly prose writer who one day aspires to be a third-year English student. You’d likely find me reading beat-up paperbacks on the TTC or falling asleep on every floor of the Student Learning Centre. When I’m not doing that, I’m probably watching a play over at Oakham Community Theatre. I’m super excited for this season of Folio!




Kelsey Adlem | Fashion and Lifestyle Editor | Creative Industries ’20

I am a third-year creative industries student also completing a fashion studies minor. Writing is a huge passion of mine. You can find me half of the time on the Ryerson campus and the other half putting together cute outfits for my lovely customers at my retail job. My guilty pleasures are sour keys, thin mint cookies, and the best of the worst reality TV series.




Denise Paglinawan | Business and Technology Editor | Journalism ’20

I’m a third-year journalism student who usually doesn’t answer the question “What are your hobbies?” because I don’t want to scare people off by telling them that the thing I love to do most is writing hard news. I have a love-hate relationship with politics, the crime beat and math. Although my knowledge of business and technology should be a bit broader, my favourite technological invention of all time is pug videos.



Larry Heng | Head of Photography | Journalism ’20

I’m a third-year journalism student from the safest community in Ontario. I’m also the only Asian guy you know with an old man’s name. I’m super awkward, nostalgic about the early 2000s, and a big fan of Japanese mountain dog breeds. I spend most of my time hiding behind my chunky camera or playing Fortnite.




Raizel Harjosubroto | Head of Social Media | Journalism ’20

Raizel almost sounds like “raise hell,” but I’m only half as cool as that sounds. I’m a third-year journalism student with a knack for SZA, dogs, and dance shows (like Dancing With the Stars). I love to write in my journal a lot and think you should, too. See it on my Instagram: @raizelharjo.




Naomi Chen | Co-Podcast Editor, Foliophonic | Media Production ’22

I am a first-year RTA student in media production. My hobbies include reading, writing, and mountain climbing, and I also love books and movies. One of my biggest career goals in life would be to one day own 500 pugs and 50 pandas. This year, I am super excited to work on the Foliophonic podcast!




Kathleen Burgess | Co-Podcast Editor, Foliophonic | Media Production ’22

I’m a student who’s passionate about telling stories through a variety of media including taking portraits of people, writing poetry and sometimes combining the two, which you can see on my Instagram @katjacphotography. I also like to journal and listen to Broadway musical bops to cope with my overflowing schedule. This year, I’m excited to co-host and edit the Foliophonic podcast with Naomi Chen where we’ll be sharing creative ideas and people’s stories to inspire all who want to listen!



Moosa Imran | Podcast Editor, Gone Full Circle | Journalism ’20

I’m a third-year student at the Ryerson School of Journalism. Since being employed at the age of nine as a newspaper delivery boy, I hated newspapers. However, a grade 10 career test changed my entire life. The moment I saw ‘journalist’ in my list of options, I realized that there was a career out there for people like me: people who talk too much. I hope to have a successful broadcast career one day, but until then, I collaborate with managing editor Charles Buckley to co-host, edit, and produce our very own podcast, Gone Full Circle.



Seager Wakil | Art Director | Creative Industries ‘20

I’m a Capricorn in third-year creative industries, specializing in film and television, and can often be seen attempting to keep up with an overly-filled schedule. Lately, I have been interested in the intersection of aesthetics and function and how to make them work together. You can likely find me speed-walking on campus, Pinteresting mid-century modern interior design inspo for my future home, or rewatching NBC comedies.




Elton He | Head of Finance | Business Management ’20

I’m a third-year business student from South America hoping to kickstart my career up North. I low-key just wanted to move to a first world country… faster internet, bigger cities, more expenses, less income, etc. I have a passion for architecture and most things business-related. My hobbies include sports, educational material, and TV shows such as The Good Doctor, Stranger Things and many more! I also love to learn about new things in different areas, which is why I am excited to join the Ryerson Folio team as Head of Finance! Feel free to follow my journey through Instagram @eltonh7.



Aurora Zboch | Head of Marketing and Events | Journalism ’19

I’m a cat mom to Pop and Tea, named after my love of pop culture and spilling the tea. I’m in my final year of journalism and here for a good time (not a long time) as Folio’s head of marketing and events. Ask me about local music and theatre on Instagram @symphette.