An afternoon on Gould Street…

Greg, Mechanical Engineer
I want to do something great for humanity… be a good person this year.

Arman, International
Economics & Finance

This year I want to have fun, and don’t worry about anything.

Rebekkah, Film Studies
I quit smoking, so I want to stay a non-smoker. Also, learn guitar and master knitting.

Leo, Finance
I want to be kinder to others, and spend time with people I love.

Manina, Engineering
Cure cancer.

Devon, Engineering
Complete first year engineering.

Oriana, ECE
Wake up earlier.

Franky, ECE
Go to the gym.

Dalena, Business Management
Work out, go to the gym at least 3 times a week at the RAC.

Sherin, Sociology
Go to the gym, and save up for a car

Marlynn, Sociology
Work out problems civilly with my boyfriend, and also save for a car.

Bianca, Sociology
Learn to rollerblade, and save money for go out of town somewhere warm, like Florida.

Paul, Business Management
Hang out with friends more, and work harder at school.

Kiruvan, Business
Technology Management

Some people want to lose weight, but I want to gain weight in muscle using my RAC membership.

Olivia, ECE

Vicki, Business

Get a job. Any job.

Stephanie, ECE
Be more active physically, go to the RAC since I paid for it.

Michelle, ECE
Same as Stephanie. But at least 3 hours a week.