Baby, it’s cold outside

As Toronto’s streets light up with glowing decorations, the mall gets filled with colour, tiny snowflakes land on your palm, and winter quietly sets in.

Because Ryerson is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, students have several options when it comes to shopping and finding the perfect winter accessories that are affordable and fashionable.

Forever 21 and H&M are the top two contenders for affordable winter accessories, as they offer the largest variety and often have sales and discounts.


The first item that’s a must-have is a scarf to keep warm. You can easily wrap one around your neck in several different styles and find one that’s most comfortable for you.


The top three from the left included a $15 thick and textured scarf from H&M, another thinner scarf and with vertical lines in the colours beige and a popping red for $15.8 also at H&M, and a thin $8 crème scarf on sale at Forever 21.

The affordable prices allow for students to easily have fashionable scarves for winter without splurging. A scarf has become a necessity as students walk around campus all day and the scarf protects their neck from the harsh cold and keeps students warm.


Another winter necessity is gloves to keep your hands from freezing. There are a variety of gloves for students to wear in winter to stay fashionable and warm.

Leather gloves have gotten more popular lately as they’re more versatile and easier to use phones with so that you don’t have to freeze your hands by taking off gloves just to send a text. Leather gloves have also become a noticeable trend amongst fashionable students today as they provide both comfort and add an edge to each look.


Forever 21 offers a variety of winter gloves and ones that stood out most were a beautiful pair of gloves with floral details priced at $15, affordable for students on a tight budget.


Hats for winter have became a prominent statement piece that complete an outfit as they offer a lasting touch that fulfills its purpose in providing warmth. Wool hats come in all shapes and textures to match and complete an ideal winter outfit.

This winter, colour palettes from pastel to bold black and whites are trending, as they’re the standouts that don’t need to be over the top to complete a look for winter and stand out against the dull winter with a subtle touch.


Forever 21 and H&M had various hats but these stood out the most with their affordable prices, trending colours and styles. All the hats were under $16, making them fashionable and affordable at the same time.


And finally, the essential winter sweater. When it comes to sweaters, pastel colours are the way to go, as they’re understated and simple. Nothing keeps a girl warmer in winter than a cozy sweater that looks great while being protected from the cold.


H&M offered the best variety in sweaters overall as they notably had the best pastel sweaters with low-mid end prices that students would be able to afford. These sweaters came in several pastel colours and were priced at $25.

The sweaters can be worn by themselves or layered up with a jacket or coat for going from a casual to dressier look. Snuggly knit sweaters have been popular this winter as they’ve appeared on several winter fashion shows and H&M offers the most fashionable winter item for an affordable price so that you don’t have to break the bank to look great.

[P]hoto: Celina Torrijos for Ryerson Folio street style, March 2014