Benedict Cumberbatch explained

[T]his year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) programming features a whole lot of the British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. If you said the name “Benedict Cumberbatch” a few years ago, you would be the recipient of blank stares. Now you will be answered with the squeals and flails of his fans, or “Cumberbitches,” as they call themselves.

Cumberbatch will appear in not one, but two films at TIFF 2013. On September 5, Cumberbatch will appear as Julian Assange in the Wikileaks film, The Fifth Estate. Later on in the line up, he will act alongside the star studded cast of August: Osage County. Cumberbatch will star alongside Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor, and many more. Although the British actor has been working for many years, it is only recently that he started to turn heads. Cumberbatch’s acting range has proven to be next level genius as he takes on no role that is alike. He can evoke fear, sadness, suspense, and basically any emotion known. These past couple of years, Cumberbatch’s talent has finally been noticed. In a short time he has taken on Hollywood by storm, taking on highly coveted and iconic roles like Kahn in Star Trek: Into Darkness. He is already signed on to play Smaug the Dragon and the Necromancer in the big budget film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It seems like the Sherlock star has gained this fame over night, but his recent film and television domination was years in the making. One can assume that actor has had little time to reflect on his long career, but short and sudden timeline to fame.

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is the full name of the film, television, and theatre actor.  The English actor born July 19, 1976, has gone on to capture to attention of many these past years, but many would be surprised to know that his career goes way back. Before his big break as the title character in BBC’s Sherlock, Cumberbatch had roles in the film adaptation of Atonement, the historical piece Amazing Grace, and received acclaim for playing Stephen Hawking in the BBC 2004 film Hawking.

Cumberbatch could not have possibly known what he was getting into in 2010 when he joined the cast of Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat’s BBC show Sherlock. Who could ever expect that kind of reaction to a modernized adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle books of the same name? With three episodes a season at an hour and a half each, and only two seasons, fans responded remarkably. With six completed episodes and an upcoming season that is finally in production after what seems like almost two years of preparation, Cumberbatch enchanted BBC junkies and people who would become junkies after seeing him deduce in that fantastic trench coat of his. His chemistry with Martin Freeman as Watson is incredible, and that’s only a few of many reasons why Cumberbatch captures our hearts with his performance as the sociopath Sherlock.

While the Sherlock fandom cried (and continues to cry) over an extended hiatus, Cumberbatch did not stop. He acted in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy alongside the great Gary Oldman and sexy Tom Hardy, and then shared the screen with Tom Hiddleston in the 2011 film War Horse. Just as quickly as he stole fans’ hearts as Sherlock, he dominated the film world.

The breakout star had a careful rise to the top, but since he got to the top it seems like the rollercoaster never stopped. He took over the world of television, film, and now TIFF. The sweet, adorable, and a little bit dorky actor took us by storm so fast that we didn’t know what hit us when his name appeared everywhere. It was like he was hiding and waiting to just show us what he was made of.  Julian Assange, Kahn, Sherlock, Smaug, Benedict Cumberbatch is the comic-con dream of an actor. It’s time we face the facts. It’s basically Benedict Cumberbatch’s world now. We might as well enjoy living in it, and enjoy every second of his incredible acting shops.

The Fifth Estate premieres at TIFF on September 5, 2013. Click here to view more showtimes.