The best spots on campus to get your picture taken

Got a gap between classes that leaves you with not enough time to go home and too much time to know what to do with yourself? You could occupy yourself at the mall or movies, but why not have a photoshoot? We put together a list of the five best places to get your picture taken on campus. Your LinkedIn will thank you later.

Pitman Quad

The Pitman Quad is a great spot for open space and natural lighting. During the summer and fall, the trees are all filled with vibrant colours, providing a soft contrast to the images. During the winter, the collected snow acts as a natural reflector of light from the ground up, providing the illusion of equal, diffused lighting, even when the sun is out. The tree featured in this photo is located in the area of the quad outside the architecture building. The low branches provide a great opportunity to climb up the trees and get some angled shots, as well as experiment with the direct light and lens-glare.


Jorgenson Hall fountain

An impressive photo location on campus is the fountain outside of Jorgenson Hall. During the summer, the fountain is functional. The water flows off the edge, making it impossible to get a “dry” shot. But during the winter, when the water is shut off, it’s a great place to anchor yourself for some casual “foot-dangling” snaps. The open space provides natural lighting, but beware of the direct spot-lighting of the sun. One recommendation, for this location in particular, is to pick an overcast day for even lighting to highlight the model.


Stairs outside the Kerr Hall Upper Gym

Looking for an environment with some interesting lines and anchors? The stairs right outside the Kerr Hall Upper Gym is your place. This spot is great for portraits and photographs that require a blurred out background that’s created due to the height of the stairs, the distant background of trees and the Kerr Quad. On snowy days (like the photo featured), it provides an illusion of a white canvas background, making your subject stand out.


Tree corridor outside the RCC

The corridor of trees between Pitman Hall and the RCC is a the perfect spot for some feature-istic photographs. The environment is constantly covered in interesting shadows due to the abundance of branches and leaves. It also provides a symmetrical background. It’s a great place to experiment with photographs that require “leading lines,” and is just a nice spot to walk by when the weather is great.


Jorgenson Hall, top floor

Saving the best for last, one of my personal favourite spots here at Ryerson, is the 14th floor of the Jorgenson Hall building. The stunning 360 degree views of Toronto provided by the full-length windows on the floor is a great place to get some incredible shots, but is also a secret sanctuary from the bustling life that school provides. The framed windows on the floor add a cool dimension of lines and shadows to the photographs, creating a geometric and captivating depth to admire. But beware, it is a administrative floor and isn’t always open. So make sure if you’re lucky enough to catch it on an open day, to be generally quiet so you don’t disturb any of the hard working staff there and result in you getting kicked out.