Blunder Years: Ryerson Folio masthead shares embarrassing photos from our youth

The actual caption for this photo on Facebook was “Meeee =) haii, maii walls look yellow.” Image courtesy of Sherry Li.

We’ve all had unflattering photos taken of us.

But what’s worse than a regular ol’ bad photo is a picture from when you actually thought you looked good when you really, really didn’t. I’m sure you remember the late 2000s till pretty much last year — there were a lot of questionable fashion choices, mirror selfies, Myspace angles, scene hair and angsty music. We’ve all had some regrettable pictures of us taken in the past decade, when we felt misunderstood by the world and #toodeep.

A few of the Ryerson Folio masthead were brave enough to share some embarrassing photos from their past. We’ve (mostly) grown out of these phases, and hopefully, we won’t regret our current looks a decade from now as much as we regret these last ones.

Prepare to cringe along with us.


Celina Gallardo, Editor-in-Chief, Journalism 2019

“The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma” – P. Star


Jordan Currie, Production Manager, Journalism 2019

“I, Hairy Poter”


MaryAnn Icaro, Art Director, Media Production 2020

“I’ve peaked.”


Ben Cohen, Fiction Editor, Journalism 2020 

“My goofy self circa 2014, before I knew haircuts were a thing.”


Sherry Li, Head of Photography, Journalism 2018

“Editing photos on Picnik using Mayday Parade lyrics was a thing, okay?”