Booth & Bottle: The key to Toronto nightlife

Toronto nightclubs can be downright intimidating. If you have never ventured down to King Street West, the new app, Booth & Bottle, has got you covered.

Co-founded by a former Ryerson student, Booth & Bottle is available for free on Android’s Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The first Canadian app of its kind, it allows users to explore different Toronto nightclubs, and reserve spots on guest lists and bottle service. It is especially useful for first-time club-goers, as it includes photos and descriptions of each club, and specifies the kind of music they play.

The app also awards users points for using it, getting friends to download it, and posting about the app on social media. Reward points are then added up and can be redeemed for a discount at Kings Avenue Clothing, a free bottle, or free club entry.  

“We didn’t want to be like every other promoting company,” said Ernesto Gaita, co-founder of Booth & Bottle and former Ryerson engineering student. “We wanted to make something easy, something different.”


Ernesto Gaita, co-founder of Booth & Bottle, Photo by Jacqueline McKay

Working as a club promoter for four years, Gaita received a lot of complaints from people organizing bottle services and guest lists, especially if they were reserving for celebrations like birthdays where the amount of attendees changes. The app allows users to adjust the amount of people reserved for guest lists or bottle service at anytime without having to contact the club.

Gaita collaborated with three buddies from high school in January who came up with the idea of making an easier way for club-goers to go out.

His experience as a club promoter gave them convenient access to the industry, and the team presented their idea to a variety of Toronto nightclubs, gathering about a dozen clubs for the app’s launch this past September.

Since then, they’ve grown. With their latest addition of The Hoxton and Orchid on Friday, they now cater to 15 clubs, and want to keep expanding — not just by adding clubs, but cities as well.

“What we want to do first before expanding [to other cities], is make this app as perfect as possible: no flaws, user friendly, quick, easy everything,” said Gaita. “We figured if we can do that in Toronto, anywhere else in Canada should be a piece of cake for us.”

Once the app is perfected, the next place on Gaita’s list is Montreal, and from there, other large cities such as, Edmonton, Vancouver, or Ottawa.

The company’s ambition does not stop there, though. Booth & Bottle is considering adding Uber to the app’s reward program.

“We wanted to give users a reason to use it,” said Gaita. “We decided [the point system] was a good way to get people involved and to keep using the app.”

Featured image by James Jin / CC BY