Brown Bag Sandwiches

The Menu:
Hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm, Sun: Closed

If you ask the co-owners of Brown Bag Sandwiches how their sandwich shop got started, they’ll tell you that it all just sort of happened – the concept of the restaurant, the location, the menu, and even the name were all unplanned.

“One day we just woke up and had a sandwich shop,” Peter Lee said to me after I finished my burger, jokingly, with Matt Lai laughingly nodding; but the newcomer to the neighborhood has received great response from the community so far.

Matt Lai and Peter Lee operate Brown Bag Sandwiches – a new restaurant that opened just steps away from Ryerson this fall, with a focus on making gourmet sandwiches more accessible through affordable prices while providing it in a low-key environment (as opposed to fine dining).

Located at Church and Granby, this was my third visit to Brown Bag Sandwiches, and what I continued to notice was the friendliness of the staff. And no matter how packed the shop is (it gets really busy during the usual lunch hours – around 12pm-1pm), my order was usually ready in about three minutes or so.

With this visit, despite the temptation to order the brisket or duck sandwich, I decided to try the Brown Bag Burger. The burger itself was tender and thick, and the bread was deliciously crispy around the edges and especially good where the mayonnaise and ketchup managed to soak through. And a bonus, the burger didn’t feel greasy to eat at all, surprisingly.

So if you’re looking for a new lunch spot to try outside of the Urban Eatery or any other food court (and why not?), Brown Bag Sandwiches will definitely provide something that other restaurants in the area won’t provide, in terms of both quality of food and service.

And because I have a minor obsession with everything old school, the Coca-Cola glass bottles, if anything, will keep me coming back.

Besides, who doesn’t love a good sandwich with some neighborhood friends?

What we ordered: Brown Bag Burger, Fries, Coca-Cola | 10.51$
Time waited for meal: About 3 minutes
What we want to try next: Asian Duck Confit Sandwich (8.50), Brisket Sandwich (7.50), Pork Belly Sandwich (7.50)
Why you should go: For a genuine and relaxing environment, and of course, the delicious food you normally wouldn’t make on your own.