Catching up with Ryerson law and business alumni

Ryerson Alumni gathered on Nov. 16 at the Ballroom Bowl for the second annual bowling night held by the Ryerson University Law & Business Alumni Association (RULBAA).

They competed in games of bowling and pool, while drinks and finger foods circulated throughout the venue. The alumni reconnected with old classmates, met other alumni and caught up with their former professors.

Here’s what some of them have to say about their experiences at Ryerson.


Mohammad Aminuddin and Ellen Penton

Mohammad Aminuddin with Ellen Penton.

Mohammed Aminuddin did one semester part-time at Ryerson in economics. He attended the event with his co-worker Ellen Penton, a Ryerson grad. Despite his short time at the university, he calls his experience at Ryerson fun.  

For Penton, her experience at Ryerson involved engaging with the Law and Business Student Association.

“I was also able to create a stronger relationship with my professors and I was more a part of the community,” said Penton. “I’d encourage current students to join a student group, get engaged. I felt that being an actively involved student was the most beneficial experience I had at Ryerson University.”


Pnina Alon-Shenker

Dr. Pnina Alon-Shenker (left) and Shabnam Ahmad.

Pnina Alon-Shenker, an associate professor of law and business at the Ted Rogers School of Business Management, was one of the professors present at the event.

“It’s great seeing my old students again at event like this. It’s important for me to be here and to support them,” said Alon-Shenker.


Shabnam Ahmad

Shabnam Ahmad (left) with her partner Italo Silva, also a TRSM alumni.

“TRSM [Ted Rogers School of Management] has my heart,” said Shabnam Ahmad, who started off as an accounting major before switching to law and business. “It’s where I did my undergraduate studies and met some of my best friends, and also some of my professors that I’m still very good friends with, like Pnina.”

She felt that everything she learned was applicable to her real life. She graduated with a bachelor of commerce from Ryerson in 2014. However she decided to return to Ryerson to work at the Business Career Hub, with her area of focus being law and business entrepreneurship.

All images by Arash Ghafoori.