Closets of Ryerson: Dylan Kwacz

Dylan Kwacz, a third-year fashion communication student, lives in a space that’s a palette of black and grey, with splashes of red adorning the walls. His room is a complete embodiment of his closet, where neutral colours and clean-cut silhouettes run corner-to-corner.

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Kwacz is this year’s producer of Mass Exodus, Canada’s largest student-run fashion show.

He says the way he dresses is the same as the way he conducts business: strategically and thoughtfully. And Mass Exodus seems to be a full-time job for him.

“Being in a producer role, you need to get straight to the point,” Kwacz says. “The way I dress almost symbolizes that — I like clean lines and I appreciate the strategy of dressing simply.”

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He believes it’s important to focus more time on being productive and less time getting dressed in the morning.

“I don’t like things that are over-cluttered,” he says, motioning to his closet.

“I like to keep a uniform approach in the mornings,” Kwacz says. “It’s possible to wake up everyday and not have to think about what to wear, but still be sophisticated at the same time.”

His uniform? Black or grey trousers, black sweaters and sometimes accents of burgundy.

“I appreciate the simplicity of it.”

Accessories are also absent in Kwacz’s everyday uniform. He says they sometimes get in the way of his work.

“I need to use my hands when I work. I just end up taking accessories off as I go, so why wear them at all?”

But Kwacz still finds ways to show his personality with what he wears.

“I practically own one pair of shorts, and I made them from a pair of pants I use to wear … But I hide in the summertime because I love layering. I have a wardrobe full of jackets, that’s just the way I am,” he says.

Kwacz stresses the importance of seeing hard-working artists become successful in Toronto’s relatively small market.

“I strongly believe in supporting our artists. I want to start buying more from Toronto-based designers,” he says. “Mass Exodus was a great way for me to help get our talented students out there.”

Photos by Christina Esposito