Closets of Ryerson: Lauren Doyle

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A refurbished white clothing rack sits in the corner of the room where thin curtains cast their softened light. Lauren Doyle, a third-year fashion communication student, has 20 hangers, all evenly spaced out between one another, suspended from the rack. Everything is pressed gently and hung deliberately; everything is in its rightful place.

“What you wear defines you,” Doyle says, “I’ve become really conscious of the impact fast fashion has on the environment, and I want to represent that in how I dress.”

Thrifting has become a big part of Lauren’s everyday dress code. Just by looking at her closet, anyone can see the thought and careful choices that go into each individual piece.

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Doyle believes in respecting the integrity and character of a piece of clothing by giving it a chance to make a statement by itself — be it positive or negative. She says she had the same view on art.

“Clothing should make you think,” Doyle says.

“You either make people love what you wear or hate it. If you haven’t done that, then you weren’t successful.”

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Doyle has a separate storage area where she archives other pieces of her wardrobe. But not every piece makes the final cut. “The closet you see in my room are the clothes I set out for myself for the week and that’s it,” she says. “I always swap pieces in and out of there.”
Even though Doyle’s style is still evolving, she sticks by the fact that we should always put thought into what we wear every day. She believes that thrifting and researching how her garments are made helps ensure that what she chooses to wear is the most sustainable and ethical option in her closet.

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Photos by Christina Esposito