Contribute - Ryerson Folio Magazine

Want to work with Ryerson Folio?

We’re always looking to bring more writing and graphic design contributors to the Folio team. If you’re interested in contributing, email and tell us:

  • Name
  • Year/program
  • What sections you’re interested in writing for or if you want to design graphics for us

We will get in touch with all interested applicants and add them to our communication channels. Contributors write and design for Folio on an article-by-article basis.

Note: Please include 1 or 2 examples of your graphic design work if you’re interested in joining us as a graphic designer.

For all writers, please read our “Pitching Guidelines” section at the bottom of this page.


Contributors can write for different Folio sections but are expected to write regularly throughout the year.

Previous writing experience is not necessary; Folio is open to students of all faculties who want to dip their toes into writing! Our section editors will help guide writers through their writing process.


  • Produce one piece bi-weekly
  • Pitch Ryerson-related story ideas to section editors
  • Take on pitches created by section editors
  • Work with section editors to edit and refine their pieces in a timely manner

What we’re looking for

  • Committed writers who want to contribute regularly
  • Communicative, reliable individuals who can work collaboratively with their editors
  • Story ideas and pitches on Ryerson-related topics


  • Editors may not accept all of your pitches – don’t be discouraged! We will help you tweak and revise your idea so it fits with Folio’s coverage
  • Writers can write for any section

Graphic Designers/Digital Artists

Graphic designers will help Folio’s creative team create graphics for our articles and social media pages.


  • Create graphics for an article’s featured image and corresponding social media post
  • Work with art directors and contributor to brainstorm image ideas
  • Upload graphic files before the publish date

What we’re looking for

  • Committed graphic designers who want to contribute regularly
  • Experience and proficiency with graphic design software (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, illustrating/digital art programs)
  • Communicative, reliable individuals who can work collaboratively with Art Directors and Production Manager
  • Individuals who can visualize Folio stories creatively

Please include 1 or 2 examples of your graphic design work when emailing us!

Pitching to Folio

Our editors will have pitches prepared every week to assign to writers, but what if you have your own story idea?

Folio accepts pitches for all of our sections, and our editors will work with contributors to flesh out your stories if your pitch needs some work. So don’t be shy! Even if you have a vague or broad idea, reach out to our editors and we can help you figure out an angle.

We highly recommend contributors check out our website to get a sense of the type of articles we publish.

We’ve also created a comprehensive guide to writing for Folio. This editorial guide is shared with our entire team and we strictly follow these standards when accepting pitches and working with writers.

We recommend all writers give this document a read to get a sense of what kind of content we cover, how we cover it and how we go about writing it.

Here’s a quick guide to pitching to us.

  1. Pitches should include a rough title that summarizes your story. In your pitch, we want to know why it would be relevant to a Ryerson student audience, who you hope to speak to for interviews (if needed), and how long you anticipate it will take to write it.
  2. If you’re writing a first-person piece like an opinion or personal essay, explain to us why you’re the right person to speak on the topic.
  3. If you’re covering an event or recent news, tell us why this is important for Ryerson students to know about and consider a Ryerson or Toronto angle to the piece.
  4. To pitch, reach out to the editor of the respective section via Slack or email with your idea. If you haven’t been added to our Slack group yet or don’t know which section the story would fall under, email with your pitch and we’ll connect.

We get a lot of very general or generic story ideas from writers, and while the topic might be interesting, sometimes it’s too general for our audience or it’s been covered to death. We try to avoid this.

For reported pieces, we heavily emphasize the importance of conducting interviews with sources (students, people with lived experiences in what you are writing about) and experts. Doing interviews and citing research is what makes Folio articles credible.