Curing the Halloween Hangover

The pairing of Halloween and university students is almost like taking a lit match to a stick of dynamite. Put enough young, risk-taking, and fun-loving people in a room, and you will be sure to get some wild stories. Now, add costumes and anonymity to the mix, and it is just fuel to the fire.

From young age to adulthood, a Halloween Hangover will be something we all experience. Whether it is eating too much candy, drinking too much, or overdosing on a night filled with popcorn and chocolate while having a horror movie marathon, we all need some help for that dreaded next-day hangover.

Food, my friends, and lots of water, is the cure. Here are a few tips to ensure a better recovery. And no, drinking that leftover swig of rum or those last few Twizzlers in the bottom of the bag will not do you any good.

For a full-body cleanse the day-after, it is important to avoid too much coffee, soda, salt and sugar. Stick with foods full of rich vitamins and are hearty enough to keep you feeling satisfied.

Bananas: For a night filled with drinking, your body is drained of the potassium that you need. Bananas replace that potassium, and also remedy against heartburn and nausea. After a night full of candy and chocolate, bananas also cure constipation, a symptom of too much sugar in the body. Make a banana smoothie, or eat a banana peanut butter sandwich.

Clamato Juice: Infused with the vitamin C of tomatoes, Clamato juice can help your immune system after a night of too much fun. The only thing with this juice is that it is high in sodium, so limit intake even though your body will need to replenish its salt after drinking. It would be better to stick to the natural tomato juice, or try some V8.

Eggs: With alcohol, there is a toxin called acetaldehyde that hides within your liver, causing a hangover. Eggs contain large amounts of cysteine, an amino acid that breaks down the toxin. Also, they are full of cholesterol. Too much cholesterol is bad, but when you are drinking, your liver runs on it to burn fat and metabolize alcohol.

Ginger, lemon and honey drink: These three things are amazing together to boost the immune system and help with symptoms such as a sore throat and upset stomach. This is a common cure for colds, but can help with a hangover as well. Ryerson’s Balzac’s has a drink called the Citro-Lemon Booster that would be great for a hangover or a cold.

Hangovers, whether candy or alcohol related, can be a tricky business. However, it is always important to take extra care in getting your body back to normal so we can return to the world of books and exams, and wait another year for a costumed night of debauchery and madness.