Dear Folio

The “Dear Folio” project is something I’ve been working on over the past two months.

I wanted to get inside the minds of Ryerson students without hindering their creativity by being exposed. I often find that the truth stumbles out of anonymity. I believe we are the most free in our own minds. We can’t escape our own truths or feelings.

Diary entries are a physical representation of being honest with ourselves and acknowledging our shortcomings. This is how I created the “Dear Folio” project: I sent out an anonymous survey to friends, and fellow students – varying in ages and genders. The survey had a space for students to write a diary entry to Folio. I wanted students to anonymously send me entries about anything that was rummaging through their minds. I then took these entries, hand wrote them and illustrated them to give them a more honest and expressive representation.

Envision your middle school notebooks filled with hearts, doodles, teen angst, and names of crushes. I wanted these illustrations to evoke the raw human words that came from Ryerson students. As humans, we are filled with errors, flaws, and imperfections and it’s okay to sometimes let our truths be free on paper without any signature.