Different ways to style leather bottoms

Everyone knows leather is an essential part of fall attire. Super chic, stylish and an awesome transition piece from summer to fall, with countless options for winter too, leather is a must-have for every wardrobe.

Influencers across multiple platforms, especially TikTok and Instagram, have been styling leather bottoms in various ways. The most popular leather bottoms have been the Wilfred Melina Pants, a high rise vegan leather pants that have been all the rage across social media.

While these run for quite a lot –, $148 to be exact –people have found cute dupes. H&M has a pair of faux leather pants for $50, while Zara has faux leather wide leg pants for $60. 

From pants to jogger, to skirts, leather has been making a comeback.

This lookbook is inspired by TikTok looks and how people have been styling different leather bottoms for both comfort and cute looks. 

Dsouza’s look is perfect for both a day or night out in the city. A leather skirt, one of the most stylish pieces to have in your wardrobe, is an essential that can be paired with just about anything.

Paired with a white button down gives a more refined, business casual look for a day out, while pairing it with a classic V-neck sweater and booties dresses it down for a night out.

A photo of Melissa Koubridis.
Melissa Koubridis, a third-year retail management student at Ryerson. (Ryerson Folio/Melissa Koubridis)

Leather fashion is definitely tricky and something not a lot of people can pull off, but Koubridis wore a pair of Dynamite cinched leather pants with their leather jacket. While denim on denim was a popular look back in the day, the leather on leather combo is something that’s been hitting both the streets and the runways.

Pairing it with a simple black crop top pulls the whole together, making it effortlessly chic, stylish and something you should definitely try incorporating into your own wardrobe.

Zavqibekova opted for the more stylish look, pairing her leather skirt with a one-shoulder top and a tier, ruffled sleeve top. 

The one-shoulder outfit is perfect for a night out or a party, while the ruffle top is both cute and casual enough for a day out exploring downtown. Limited accessories, like a layered or thick chain necklace pull the whole together to make it effortlessly chic. 

A photo of Dolores Dsouza.
Dolores Dsouza, a fourth-year business management student at Ryerson. (Ryerson Folio/Dolores Dsouza)

While leather pants have been a classic look all across the fashion industry, leather joggers are quickly making their presence known as well.

Incorporating the “working from home” look into something as stylish as leather can be a bit difficult, but if paired with the right top and shoes, it can be a go-to look for just about anyone.

These leather joggers from Dynamite are the perfect pair of bottoms to dress up or down and go with almost anything. Dsouza, taking the business casual look further, paired it with a cropped black blazer and cropped racer front top. Tying the look is a pair of black booties.