Emotional Suppression

Adam is one of the winners of Folio’s September poetry contest. Congratulations to Adam, and thanks to all who submitted their work! View the other winning submission here.

Sometimes I think I know myself.

They sent a million questions

knowing full well that they won’t sell.

A million questions never sell.

They know they can’t control themselves.

They sit on shelves,

just waiting for their patient

patiently to leave his hell.

But as far as I can tell

I could really use some patience

with these questions to dispel.


When these feelings hit the ceiling,

anti-emotional achievement.

It’s emotional suppression,

but I fail to ask the question:

Is it me or inner demons?

Temporarily relieving.

Any doubts you’ll ever have

will slip like butter from your grasp.

The rest will run across this path

then slip away into the past.


This is a poem I wrote to help cope with a rough patch I was going through during the first weeks as a new student here at Ryerson. With new environments come new emotions, and doubts seem to come at you from every direction. It can get very overwhelming. Like most of my best writing, it was written when I was supposed to be doing homework. I had a certain rhythm stuck in my head and I simply filled it in with rhyming phrases, taking inspiration from rap music. Rappers put most of their emphasis on flow and rhythm, and that’s what I attempted to do here. I think the result is something that isn’t just relatable, but that’s backed by a beating heart. It’s a nice balance of emotion and form.

Featured image by Lisa Cumming