Canada through the eyes of an exchange student: Liz Hendriks

All images by Liz Hendriks.

Liz Hendriks is an exchange student from Tilburg University in the Netherlands who is studying business management at Ryerson University this semester. She is 21 years old and loves to stay active through running, tennis, field hockey and skiing. This is part of a series from Ryerson Folio that features how exchange students view Canada.


My exchange in Canada has been one big adventure so far. You would think that the Netherlands and Canada are quite similar as both are developed Western countries, but they actually appear to be quite different. Toronto is really multicultural, and even though the Netherlands is also quite multicultural and liberal, I feel like people here are more open and accepting towards other cultures. Other than that, it sort of reminds me of the U.S.: everything is big here! Perhaps that’s also because I grew up in a fairly small village, so living in a huge metropolitan city like Toronto has been a fascinating and amazing experience.


So far, I’ve been to many places in Canada like Montreal, Vancouver and Niagara Falls, and parks like the Scarborough Bluffs, Mono Cliffs Provincial Park and Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. I’ve also been trying out as many Canadian things as possible — from eating BeaverTails on Toronto Island, cheering for the Toronto Blue Jays and even putting maple syrup on my morning pancakes. October was filled with all kinds of amazing North American traditions like food feasts on Thanksgiving and getting scared by amazing costumes on Halloween. I cannot wait for what the next two months will have in store!