Featured at Mass Exodus: SCRIBBLES

By being taught logic and structure, our imaginations deplete as we grow and creative solutions in our brain split into individual thoughts that live in closed chambers. SCRIBBLES is a movement and a brand that will inspire you to step away from thinking in adult ways. Instead, it allows your thoughts to interlace and be free as if they were a child’s. As adults, we need to allow ourselves to take inspiration from children and their way of thinking and hope to eventually distribute the influence sources equally – adult to child & child to adult.

All designs are inspired by children’s drawings and are connected to a story. Every look will spark your imagination to a different world, allowing you to be your own free thinker and to write your own story.

Makeup by: Elena Dimova
Hair: Anahita Loghmanifar
Model: Lauren Quinn
Photography: Yara Kamal

Yara Kamal is a fourth-year Fashion Communication student whose work was featured in Mass Exodus 2015.