Five films to look out for at the Ryerson University Film Festival

[T]he 15th annual Ryerson University Film Festival, held from June 2nd to June 4th at the TIFF Bell Lightbox (tickets can be bought here or at the doors on the day of), will be screening 25 thesis film projects by the graduating Film Studies class of The School of Image Arts. With two days remaining until the festival, we pick out five films to look out for:

A Good Man is Hard to Find
Director: Isa Benn
Date of Screening: Monday June 4th

A brief, yet moving, glimpse of three young girls (Age: 5, 14, 17) and their trials and tribulations throughout one day. Eunice, Savannah and Asa set out to rent a bike, adding some happiness to what we witness as monotony, the absence of authority and poverty. Their euphoria is unexpectedly interrupted by the presence of strange males who rupture a beautiful and sound moment. The story ends with two girls, an apprehensive walk home and a moment of displacement. – A Good Man is Hard to Find

The Architecture of the Moon
Director: Kyle Sanderson
Date of Screening: Monday June 4th

The Architecture of the Moon is based upon the short story written by American author and playwright Joe Meno from his collection entitled Demons in the Spring. It’s the story of Tomas, a lunar-obsessed aspiring cartographer who must guide his aging father home through a series of moonless nights. The moon has permanently stopped glowing and lights soon begin to lose their inspiration as well, leaving candlelight as the only source of nighttime illumination. This strange phenomenon remains inexplicable. Is it perhaps because the moon longs for what the earth possesses? Tomas’s world is full of puzzling yet revealing mornings, hand-drawn maps of parking garages and city streets, mountains of abandoned clothing, and midnight conversations with his father. – The Architecture of the Moon

Just as I Remember
Director: Andrew Moir
Date of Screening: Saturday, June 2nd

Andrew Moir follows Brad Katz as he raises his three young boys while living with ALS, an incurable terminal illness. Andrew uses his observations of the Katz’s to connect to his childhood with his own father, who learned he had ALS when Andrew was a child. – Just As I Remember

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me
Director: Stephen Dunn
Date of Screening: Monday, June 4th

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me is an imaginative, dark-comedy short film.

Esther Weary’s Halloween costume is spoiled by a little red bloodstain, which can mean only one of two things; either she is dying or she has received her first period. On the eve of her 13th birthday, Esther must come to terms with the realities of becoming a woman with her eccentric grandfather and his pet pug, King Henry, as her guide. – Life Doesn’t Frighten Me

The Time Traveller
Director: Andrew Jeffrey
Date of Screening: Saturday, June 2nd

Maxwell Wilson has spent years rebuilding a device based on his father’s design in hopes of discovering the truth behind this father’s disappearance. When Maxwell and friends get the device working, they are faced with a problem from another time. – The Time Traveler


For Dorian
Director: Rodrigo Barriuso
Date of Screening: Saturday, June 2nd

This film aims to deal with a sensitive and under-represented issue: the sexual awakening of teenagers with visible disabilities. For Dorian tells the story of a father who fears the sexual awakening of his disabled son and struggles with the notion of letting him go. It is, above all, a love story – a story of the love a father holds for his son, and the story of an adolescent starting to become aware of the phenomenon of love. – For Dorian

To see the entire list of films screening at the Ryerson University Film Festival this weekend, you can visit for more details.