FolioPhonic Episode 2: Toronto’s Wild Ravines

Episode 2 of FolioPhonic is here! On this week’s episode, we’re discussing Toronto’s relationship to it’s ravines. Emily talks to Leah Cooke, one of a group of students working on a project with Ryerson professor Nina-Marie Lister. The project, called River Xing is a collaboration between Prof. Lister’s Ecological Design Lab and Evergreen Brickworks, which seeks to design a pedestrian bridge in the Don Valley. You’ll also hear Shawn Micallef, co-founder and editor at Spacing Magazine, and Toronto Star columnist who wrote about his midnight snowshoe trek through the Rosedale ravines last winter. This episode also features the voice of Anthony Westenberg of Evergreen Brickworks, an organization with deep roots in the Don Valley. Finally, we speak with Megan Torza, architect and partner at DTAH, who recently curated an exhibit called RavinePortal, all about the past, present and future of Toronto’s ravines.

FolioPhonic is hosted by Emily Joveski and produced by Jacqueline Tucci. Follow us on twitter @FolioPhonic