Foliophonic episode 6: TIFF

If you’ve followed FolioPhonic at all over the past two years , you’ll know that change is constant for us. What began in its first year as a short, supplementary podcast to feature articles in Ryerson Folio Magazine, grew in its second year into a strong and diverse show covering a wide-range of topics. This year, we plan to grow even more, in more ways than one.

Our team has evolved. I’m returning this year, still as a producer of the show, but I’ll also be a co-editor and host. As the show grows, so to does our team. New to FolioPhonic this year is co-editor and co-host, Melinna Miranda, and co-producer, Sabrina Bertsch. Together, we form the new and improved FolioPhonic team, and we are eager to continue bringing you stories and conversations that matter to you.

This is our first episode of the school year. We thought a great way to kick off a new year and a new season of FolioPhonic would be to shine the spotlight on the Toronto International Film Festival. Now in its 40th year, TIFF continues to be the event of the year in Toronto, and in many ways, at Ryerson.

TIFF and Ryerson have had a long and fascinating relationship. We decided to explore it by talking with two people who have seen the relationship from the inside.

Jason Anderson is a professor of journalism here at Ryerson, and also joined TIFF this year as a programmer. He works on the committee who selected all of the stunning shorts that were featured at the festival this year.

Stephen Dunn is a young filmmaker who just premiered his first feature-length film, Closet Monster, at TIFF at the Ryerson Theatre. He is also a Ryerson Film School alumnus.

We hope you enjoy listening to these conversations, and we’re so excited to bring you more throughout this year.

This episode of Foliophonic was produced by Jacqueline Tucci and Sabrina Bertsch.

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Featured image by Isabelle Docto