FolioPhonic Episode 7: In Darkness

Thanks for coming back for our second episode of the school year!

This week, we explore the idea of sound when our sense of sight is taken away. We rely on all of our senses all the time, much more than we might think.

This episode brings you to the Darkness Concert, an event held at Ryerson last week. The concert took place in total darkness, with the audience members even wearing blindfolds.

The concert was hosted by Musicians@Ryerson in collaboration with the Chinese Students Association, benefited the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, and sought to raise awareness for blindness in our community.

It’s amazing how sounds can be perceived differently when you can’t be distracted by sight. Close your eyes, and take a listen. We hope you enjoy the episode!

This episode of Foliophonic was produced by Jacqueline Tucci and Sabrina Bertsch.

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Featured image by Sabrina Bertsch.