For the love of hip-hop

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Hip hop fanatics at Ryerson will be pleased to hear about the launch of the Student Hip Hop Organization (SHHO), a collective of hip-hop inclined students aiming to not only celebrate music, but to come together to promote higher learning and cultivate the minds of the campus community.

Barely 6 years old, the Student Hip Hop Organization first started out in Virginia, created independently by like-minded students aiming to build a concise hip-hop community within their respective campus. Now, the organization has become an organic brand, reaching over 13 campuses around North America. It was only a matter of time for SHHO to reach the Ryerson campus.

The idea did not come in to action until Eric Zaworski, a third-year Ryerson journalism student, came across a short clip of a rapper named Malix lecturing a group of students about the organization. He was immediately grasped by the idea, and was determined to introduce a rendition of the organization to the Ryerson community.

“Nothing like it was happening in Ryerson, or Toronto for that matter,” Zaworski says. “So I just figured, why not? I e-mailed them my proposal, and after various Skype calls, co-ordinating and just thinking, it finally became reality.”

Zaworski’s efforts, spanning for more than 6 months, finally came into fruition as the Ryerson SHHO held its first meeting Thursday. The meeting served as a general introduction of the organization, reaching out to like-minded individuals to come out and learn about what the SHHO is all about.

“The organization is run based on a sense of love for hip-hop and hip-hop culture,” says Zaworski. “It’s to bring hip hop lovers together, and to build a concise community through it. It’s not just about the music, but the passion.”

The group is looking to recruit members willing to push the envelope, creating a new voice that speak to a new body of people, Zaworski says. It will help represent hip-hop culture at Ryerson, he says, which is complex, but beautiful.

“I want the group to be something that is constant here at Ryerson,” the student says. “I want to build something, do something crazy with it. But most of all, I want something that will make people more aware of hip-hop. It’s also an opportunity for music lovers and alike to come together and build something.”

While the group is in its initial stages, Zaworski says that various events are to be expected from the group within the next few months. But for now, the main focus on their agenda is to spread awareness of the organization’s name to get the student community talking. Once the group stands on solid grounds, the real fun begins.

“We definitely have a lot more in the works,” he says, “Aside from getting people aware of the group, and building some connections with certain people, we hope to see big events happening in the near future.”