Illustration by Carol Liu.

Queen Cocaine,

Quit checking on me,

Quit tryna tempt me.

We’ve had this dreadful conversation before and,

I’m not who you want me to be.

I’m tryna fix my ways while you steady tryna distract me.


Queen Cocaine,

You are everything that holds me back.

Every destructive thought,

Every bad choice,

Every hateful stare that took me down the wrong path.

I am walking up a hill with weight on my back

And you are the wind trying to blow me back.

Jerk me out of my track.


Queen Cocaine,

You don’t wanna feel my wrath.

I might be fucked up now, but –

My foundation is stronger than whatever disaster you’re tryna create.

My foundation has the kinda heart that will confront your wind,

The kinda heart that is loud and obnoxious when needed.

So stop tryna create a disaster out of me, it won’t be natural,

I’ll be spiteful and turn that into beauty.

My track record speaks for itself,

Let me walk up in whatever peace I have remained.