From point A to point B

Commuting into Toronto via public transportation is a pain many of us know. It’s not always reliable, usually overcrowded, and just generally uncomfortable. We also know thousands of Ryerson students commute into the downtown core daily — 80 per cent to be exact, according to the 2014 National Survey of Student Engagement. But each commuter story is different. Mine, I like to argue, is a harder pill to swallow, as I’ve had the experience of living downtown and now no longer do.

I’m currently living with family in Mississauga, about an hour and a half commute to Ryerson’s campus, and a world away from rolling out of bed 20 minutes before class and making it to the RCC from my dorm room in less than five. My days now start and end with planning my trip to and from the city by checking the schedules of two GO Transit trains, one GO bus, and the Mississauga bus to get me to said stations. It’s not all bad, however. Commuting gives me time to unwind, close my eyes and listen to music, and ultimately, gives me an excuse not to feel like we should be studying or other doing work for at least a little while.

Here are some snapshots of my daily commute, from my view of the Marilyn Monroe Towers as I wake up, to the mat welcoming me at my front door. Hopefully those of you who commute find comfort in knowing you’re not alone, and those who don’t, here’s an insight into our world.