The dark tinted windows of Garden intrigued me. I wanted to know what was inside!

Garden serves up the basic of all basic Chinese cuisine. Comfort food at affordable prices in a cozy environment. BBQ pork, chicken, beef and duck are their specialities, evident in the way they display them at the front entrance beside the cash registers.

The interiors were dark but the high quality dark wood floors, tables and chairs made it feel lovely. The windows are tall and bright, despite being tinted on the outside. I think they’re supposed to be trick windows where you can see out and no one can look in.

This was my second visit but I have grown accustomed to staff who may come off as abrupt and rough around the edges. The menu consists of a few main sections, mainly Chinese comfort food. I ordered a bowl of BBQ pork on rice ($4.50), wontons with noodles in soup ($4.50), and spicy chili chicken on rice ($5.95). None of these are fantastically unique to Garden, but the simplicity of these dishes is just what we sometimes need.

The BBQ pork was delectable. Chewy and flavourful. 5 hours later, I can still taste it.

The wontons with noodles in soup was alright. The shrimp wontons were super salty but they probably had been sitting in the salty soup stock for a couple hours.

The spicy chili chicken on rice was not bad. Definitely spicy, but different from the usual Hakka-style chili chicken I’m used to.

As you can tell, presentation is not top priority. At Garden, the food serves the primary purpose of leaving you satiated. Don’t expect a fine dining experience. I still give high points for the clean and pleasant dining environment.

With tax, the bill came to $16.90, and probably could have fed two average to big eaters or three small eaters. Packing up leftovers is an option and common practice amongst the customers. Service is not known as the greatest, and communication can be difficult if you don’t speak Chinese, but it does its job to fulfill the “cheap”, “quick”, and “tasty” criteria.

The servers are attentive with refilling the hot water in the tea pot, but to give context to this quick service, I went in at around 2:00 pm on a Wednesday. The case may not be the same during the lunch rush.

What we ordered: BBQ pork on rice bowl, wontons with noodles in soup, spicy chili chicken on rice | $16.90
Time waited for meal: About 10 minutes
Why you should go: When you need comfort food that is simple, quick, and cheap.