Gould Street Style: Winter 2017

Despite the official first day of spring coming and going, the cold dips in and out on the daily. Here are our favourite looks from cold days past this semester, inspiring us to layer up and grab thrifty finds until the sun can make Toronto a long-term commitment.

Michelle Bloom – Child and Youth Care Contract Lecturer

“This is a sweater-coat. I got it 30 years ago in Kensington Market. I’m not cold because I’m layered to stay warm. This scarf, my mother made it. And it coincidentally goes with my coat, I didn’t plan it. The Docs I’ve been wearing since my 20s. It’s my second pair ever; my first pair lasted [a long time]. I need my hat to keep me warm, so that’s more function than fashion.”

Alexandra Taylor – Production Design

“Layering a couple shirts on top of each other, Vetements-style, is probably my best advice [for staying warm]. For a go-to fashion piece: definitely a long coat. I have one that sweeps the ground, it’s really nice.”

Kolen Aban – Business Management

“I like to keep it cozy. I just put whatever on.”

Sarah Zhao – Fashion Communications

“In the winter it gets cold, so I like layering up. I use simple accessories, I like to keep it minimal.” Her style: “Minimal sporty chic. It just fits in with my lifestyle.”

David May – Creative Industries

“Lots of cheap clothes. I shop a lot at Value Village and Black Market. Just stuff that’s cheap. I think it’s kind of nice to find stuff that doesn’t cost a lot and I think looks nice on me. My usual style is loose fitting clothes. I wear a lot of layers.”

Elizabeth Giffen – Media Production

“It’s mostly thrifted. The coat is from Sub Rosa in Kensington. Everything else is from Value Village. I like thrifting because you find things with more character. More of a conversation piece, if you will. I stay warm with a lot of layers; so a less warm coat, and then like a million sweaters.”

Erica Caruso – Retail Management

“I thrift a lot, so anything kind of thrifted. I really like red and yellow. I thrift a lot of coats, like the red one I’m wearing right now.”

Photography by Natalie Nguyen