Hanging Out

Will sweaty palms to make advances
while subconsciously I’m stranded.
With nowhere to land
I’ve been handed this chance
and it’s all that I can but I can’t.

I have a movie-scripted plan;
I am a million-dollar sham.

Now I’ve fallen in her eyes.
Mirrored, brown and magnetized.
And as I stall to normalize,
her teeth flash, smile, but then it dies.
In one swift move I gouge mine out
to her surprise.
Those winged eyes,
they wink right
so we can pass some time.

I think I found a place for us to settle down.
I think there’s time enough for hopeless love to drown.
It’s just a quick walk to the moon.
We ditch despair at half past noon.
I think I found a place for us to try,
to tie our nooses hanging from the sky.
Watch life laugh like Looney Tunes
just sitting staring swinging from the moon.

Featured image by Sumi Siddiqa