HoTO: Remember what you wished for

As our lives progress, it becomes easy to forget how we’ve reached to where we are today. We forget to pay homage to our roots and other aspects of our lives that have shaped who we are today and have given us the opportunity to succeed.

This February, we asked Torontonians what they take for granted in their lives.

I often take my education for granted. I see a lot of students who are struggling to pay their tuition or they are in debt due to having to take out a large amount of student loans. I take for granted the fact that I have an easy way out, because in my first year, I got a scholarship which really blessed me well. It allowed me to not have to pay tuition for my first year. I take that for granted at times when I see other people are struggling and they say that tuition is due but they’ve felt that it’s not as easy for them to pay it right away. They have to figure out funding for that whereas my scholarship money is easily available to me, I don’t have to think much about it. For me, tuition is at the back of my mind – it’s already paid for. But, for others, it’s always at the forefront of their minds and they’re constantly thinking, “How do I pay for my tuition and save up for the rest of my stuff?”

Honestly, it’s the freedom of the press and freedom of expression. As a journalism student, it’s so important for me to actually have the freedom of the press to go out and hold politicians accountable, to hold private businesses accountable. I don’t really look introspectively and appreciate the fact that I am able to go out and press hard on politicians like Doug Ford or John Tory, without the fear of being jailed or locked up as a journalism student. I just don’t think about these things in my daily life. So I’m very grateful for these freedoms and rights, but also recognize that I take them for granted as well.

Something I take for granted is time. Quality time with friends and family, time to be productive and time for myself. I procrastinate a lot of things because I’m either too lazy to get it done or I assume I have more time than I actually do. I think the underlying reason is that I’m scared of change whether it be big or small. With the things I can control, I don’t want to fix and with the things I can’t control I obsess over fixing. Time is something I can’t control, it will always be present in my life and it’s something I constantly waste without even realizing it sometimes. It’s not something I can ever get back but I will forever wish I could. I would have less regrets and feel better about myself so from now on I’ll learn to use my time and other people’s more wisely.

This is a tough question but what I take for granted the most is my home. I am a very messy person and I take very poor care of my possessions including my room. However, I hear many of my cousins and friends tell me “Wow, you’re so lucky… I wish I had my own room” or “If I had your room, I’d make sure to clean it every day.” It hits me sometimes because I never really think about how lucky I am to be in the position I am currently in and that many people aren’t experiencing the same luxuries.

Stay tuned for our March edition!

All photos by Kirti Vyas.