How to Be More Involved on Campus as a Commuter

Commuting to school can make you feel like you aren’t really a member of the Ryerson community, and that your only involvement is to attend classes. For those of you who aren’t in a race to get home at the end of the day and want to get more involved with the university, we’ve come up with a few ways to break that commuting cycle.

Join a Club

Clubs, councils, or work-study jobs are all great ways to spend time in the school community. For those who enjoy writing, start contributing to one of your school’s many newspapers or magazines. If you prefer a leadership role, try to become an executive member on your club or council of choice, or even tri-mentoring. Joining a sports team is also a great way to feel like a member of the school while getting exercise at the same time. The options are endless– so no excuses allowed!

Work it Out

Get active at Ryerson’s gyms! There are two you can go to: the Ryerson Athletic Centre– or the RAC for short– located under the Kerr Hall Quad, and the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC). Spend time at school and work up a sweat at the same time!

Make Time

Whether your commute is one bus, two subways, a 20 minute walk or all three of these combined the struggle is real– making time for things outside of school can be tough when your commute feels like it takes up most of your day. If you have a few hours of spare time between classes, put that time towards any activity, club, or council you joined! Remember, school doesn’t end right after your last class.

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Say “I Do”

You need to be committed to the activity you are involved in. Simply saying you were part of a club is not enough if you didn’t contribute anything to it. Keep in mind it’s about the quality, not the quantity. Joining one activity on campus and being committed to it is way more worthwhile in the long run than joining four and not giving it your all.

Hit the Books

There are plenty of awesome spots to study around campus — and maybe even have a nap. For starters, the library offers 10 floors of endless seats and many cubicles to study in. The higher you go up, the quieter it gets. Your choice! Use Ryerson’s new Student Learning Centre as well, which is opening later this month.

Pencil it in

Finally, create time for the activity you are involved with and treat that time as a priority like you would any class. Keep track using your school schedule when you will spend time towards your activity and write it down!

Photo: Janine Maral Tascioglu