I Awoke Again

[I] awoke again, disturbed

by those dreams that I have;

feeling a little less certain

about could’ves, should’ves and cant’s,

desires, nightmares, and plans,

my morals and my subjective slant,

or this distortion of the land

before me, and backward in my mind

or is it upside-down

is it softer, lighter

or maybe harder,

than what I think,

you think,

I think

is solid ground?

and is that mirage over there

something more

(or maybe less)

than what I think is at my breast?

than what I thought I knew best,

but couldn’t depict for you at all-

it’s not static, this lens,

and some days it’s not my friend,

but an in-congruent pall

the deadness of my body

tries to compensate for the life inside my head,

but these dreams go on telling vivid stories

about longing, about dread

from various collections,

none of which make for very

comfortable recollections

maybe it’s those drugs,

or maybe it’s the absence of

 Illustration by Felipe Pinto, Fashion Design ’17

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