Inner child

Editor’s note:

Tom Stoppard once said, “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” While we don’t think often about it, but we all have that one object or place that always takes us back to those childhood memories. It is a bond with our past that can’t be broken, one that will always keep us young at heart. My Disney Princess Castle, for example, is the source of my nostalgia that has grown to be a part of me– something I can never let go of.

Ryerson Folio photographer, Petrija Dos Santos, has done a great job capturing others’ childhood memories. These pictures can represent anyone. They bring back our memories and in turn, ​help us​connect with others. So enjoy the pictures and never let go of your past, because in all honesty, it’s what made us who we are!

–Ramage Zaki, Ryerson Folio Photo Editor

"Barbie" –Ramsha

“Barbie” –Ramsha

"Candy Bracelets"–Omar

“Candy Bracelets”–Omar

"Elmer's school glue"–Erika

“Elmer’s school glue”–Erika

"Hot Wheels"– Devasahan

“Hot Wheels”– Devasahan

"Kinder Surprise"–Yvonne

“Kinder Surprise”–Yvonne

"Magic Markers"–Petrija

“Magic Markers”–Petrija

"Wind-up musical bear"–Khristel

“Wind-up musical bear”–Khristel

"Candy Rockets"–Ishrat

“Candy Rockets”–Ishrat

"I Spy and Where's Waldo"–Lucy

“I Spy and Where’s Waldo”–Lucy