Interacting with the Aura

Aura at Nuit Blanche. Photograph by Joseph Hammond
[L]ocated between the Student Centre and O’Keefe House, Ryerson’s “Aura” was one of the many interactive installations on campus for Nuit Blanche.

The piece, “Aura”, was created by a group of architectural science graduates and long time friends, Antonio Cunha, James Munro, Sajith Sabanadesan, Nicholas Sibbet, Fillip Tisler, and Mathew Suriano.

Cunha says the installation started out as a fourth year project.

“Aura began as a mock up of an architectural concept supervised by our professor, Vincent Hui,” he explains. “The premise behind it challenges the threshold between architecture and science, all while taking an artistic approach to it.”

The installation required the team to plan a constructional project in limited spacing. “We found it challenging to create a full scale concept in the spacing, but thanks to our great team and volunteers, we were able to pull through,” Cunha says over several of volunteers supported Aura. “Some of the volunteers are friends of the group and others are students at Ryerson. It gives them a chance to learn about the concept as well.”
Aura had hundreds of art lovers lined up waiting to interact with the illuminating lights in an array of patterns, through digital design and fabric.

“Our main objective was to have an engaging installation that gives visitors constructability of how things are put together and to have fun while doing so,” said Cunha.