Jon Vinyl ‘Moments’ Review

Black vinyl disc on record player

“Put it on me” Toronto artist Jon Vinyl implores the listener in his first single of 2020,  “Moments.” Following a busy release schedule last year, including his debut EP “Dangerous,” the heartfelt single “Moments” fits snugly into Vinyl’s growing discography and the sound he’s building for himself. Vinyl is one of a handful of young artists pursuing a new direction in Toronto’s indie R&B scene, a soulful mix of old sounds and new, blending digital and analog instruments for a fresh and infectious sound that’s exemplified on “Moments.”

The tune starts out subtle with some choppy guitar chords, a classic 808 bass quickly takes over as Vinyl’s vocals put the song in gear. The guitar jumps around atop the pulsing bassline, which keeps the track moving with the help of steady hi-hats and syncopated, clappy snares. 

All this is tied together beneath Vinyl’s velvet, slinking vocals which reach a crescendo at the hook where he pleads with his love interest to “put it on me, baby,” asking that they share their troubles with him so they don’t have to struggle alone. A sexy guitar lick snakes around in the background of the chorus, while breathy backing vocals punctuate Vinyl’s impassioned crooning. 

The backing harmonies, doubles and adlib vocals float through the background over the pulsing 808 as Vinyl continues the second verse, and into the second chorus. After this comes a guitar solo that rings back with reverb, almost like it was recorded underwater. The whole thing evokes some romantic late-night swimming pool scene, and the track closes with one last “put it on me” that echoes out into the aether.

Coming in at just over two minutes, Jon Vinyl’s “Moments” is a simple and straightforward track. Short and sweet, it comes in quickly as it goes out and does its job of setting the mood while it’s here. The beat is generic but groovy, and it allows the guitar work and, most importantly, Vinyl’s vocals to shine. While this might not be Vinyl’s magnum opus, the track has put him on my radar and got me excited for what he has in store for 2020.

Photo by Adrian Korte/Unsplash.