Letter from the Editor

The Sartorialist

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[I]t’s often interesting how something gets started.

For me, the idea last spring to create Ryerson Folio came from watching a short documentary on The Sartorialist. There was just something about Scott Schuman’s work that I found so captivating – how did documenting people through street-style fashion and photography inspire such a different world?

Ryerson Folio launched in September 2011, and since its inception, it has always been about bringing people from different worlds together. Whether it’s through writing or photography, or any other medium, our publication is about looking at our community through a different lens and from a different viewpoint – a viewpoint we don’t get to experience too often in our busy lives.

Since September, Ryerson Folio has grown from a three-student-run online publication to a diverse team of over 25 students in producing the first magazine issue – students from journalism, photography, business, graphics communication, and performance-dance.

In this inaugural issue, we present to you ideas, commentary, personal reflection, and a look into the different lives that have, or are currently roaming the classrooms of Ryerson.

I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank The Office of Provost and Vice President Academic and P-FACS for supporting our work and funding this issue. Without their support, our work would not have come to life.

As we move forward with Ryerson Folio, we hope you will continue to follow our magazine and the conversations we are trying to create. Most importantly, we hope you will begin to see into the worlds of other fields and learn about all of the incredible things that are happening everywhere. But for now, we hope you’ll just have a good read.

Trung Ho, Editor-in-Chief