Marketing vs. the Market: A Case for Diversity in Fashion

[R]yerson’s School of Fashion and its chair, Robert Ott, will be hosting a panel on Thursday, March 8, in room 250 of Ryerson’s podium building at 280 Victoria St.

The panel, “Marketing vs. the Market: A case for diversity in fashion,” will be held from 6-8 pm. It will address the significance of diversity in fashion, and will lend the expertise of professionals and experts in the fashion field.

Ben Barry will moderate the panel.

Barry is the CEO of the Ben Barry agency, a model agency located in Toronto. His agency scouts women of all sizes and backgrounds, as stated on the agency’s official website.

Barry promotes the panel as “giving an insight on how fashion can reflect a greater range of sizes ages, and backgrounds,” on his twitter handle, @benbarryagency.

The panels speakers are Brian Bailey (Brian Bailey designs), Suzanna Boyd (editor-in-chief of Zoomer Magazine), Dr. Jaqcui Gingras (assistant professor at Ryersons School of Nutrition), and Dr. Brynn Winegard ( assistant professor at Ted Rogers School of Management).