Musicians@Ryerson’s Battle of Bands combines music and collaboration

I have always admired event organizers for their ability to integrate a huge number of variables together and produce a night to remember. This year’s Battle of the Bands, hosted by my student group Musicians@Ryerson, did just that.


For almost two years now, I have been a photographer for M@R. I joined the group last year hoping to expand my portfolio while also being in a group of musically inclined individuals like myself. When I joined the group, I was able to get to know the executives who ran it on a personal level. I would come to our events and shoot photos of people jamming at our weekly open mics and jams. M@R also hosts collaborative events with other student groups, like a singer songwriter workshop with Poetic Exchange and open mics with Hillel Ryerson.

Our biggest event is Battle of the Bands. On March 10, 2016, we hosted Battle of the Bands at the Hard Rock Café. Six bands performed and over 300 students came out to watch. Being part of this event reminded me of how amazing my friends at M@R were. This event was the culmination of their hard work and dedication to this group, and the turnout was a product of that.

The executive team — composed of Liam Grier, Daniel Siegel, Victor Copetti, Dorothy Progosh, Kieran Ramnarine, Tristan Rotillo, and Marissa Bergougnou — collaborated together to put this show together. Logistics, marketing, sponsorship, talent acquisition were just a few things these guys had to do to create this event.

The M@R street team, which consists of volunteers, also helped out by promoting the event around campus. They also took care of door admission during the event. Without them, the executive team would not have been able to execute as efficiently.


The winner of the event, Alma Cassels, won an industry showcase with Coalition Music and will be working with them to gain some more insight in the music industry. Creating opportunities for Ryerson bands is one of our group’s objectives, so we were happy for these bands.


Without a doubt, the bands who performed put on a great show. The crowd turnout and response were amazing. But all of this would not have been possible without an enthusiastic team who put in time and hard work for this event.


Photos by Carlo Torres