New Age Underwear How the brand Parade is changing the game

Six women standing in their Parade underwear surrounded by confetti.
Photo via @ellasnyder on Instagram

Toss those Victoria’s Secrets aside guys, there’s a new underwear player in town: Parade. It’s underwear, but not just any ordinary kind. You may have seen the brand all over social media featuring your favourite content creators, from Ella Snyder, Killla.kate and more. Parade gives underwear a funky twist with its colourful campaigns and its mission of being inclusive and sustainable. 

Started by Cami Téllez and Jack Defuria, Parade begins its journey in New York City. The two founders met back in 2015 in the tech industry. Téllez dropped out of Columbia University in her senior year to dedicate her time to Parade’s development. They noticed a need within the  underwear industry for products that catered to Gen Z consumers. With the growth of e-commerce, they used this to their advantage to create a brand that embodies this generation’s beliefs. With the company only being over a year old, social media became an important asset in their marketing strategy and growth.

Parade’s social media outreach is massive, with over 100 thousand followers on Instagram and hundreds of try-on and review videos of their products on YouTube and TikTok. Through their fun social media posts, potential buyers can get the sense of what Parade represents and how their products fit and feel. With popular Instagrammers posing in Parade, word of mouth and influencer marketing has helped generate buzz around the new brand.  

YouTubers such as Blazed and Glazed have posted positive reviews and try-on videos of Parade products while on TikTok, creators like Stolemysoul do fun unboxing videos. 


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Their designs are fresh, fun and sexy and are inclusive of all body shapes and sizes, starting at $9 a pair with sizes running from XS to 3XL. While they sell single pairs of underwear, they also offer sets which saves the consumer a bit of money. These sets are definitely a perfect socially and environmentally-conscious gift for a friend or lover.

Birthday Cake Pack via Parade

Parade states that they include plus size women within their product development process by creating their waistband FreeStretch to fit a wide range of bodies. The fabric of the underwear is made of 85% recycled polyamide, a breathable and stretchy material.  Parade strives for sustainability and promotes this mission by making their products Oeko-Tex and Global Recycle Standard certified, with the bonus of their packaging also being 100% compostable. What these certifications mean for consumers is that the fabrics are free of harmful chemicals, making it safe to wear especially for these delicate areas. Parade provides options from thongs, briefs, cheeky, boyshorts and hip huggers.

The brand strives to bring sexiness into a 360 degree angle, not just involving the physical body but through a socially-conscious voice and feeling. 

Parade is one of the new age underwear brands showcasing the meaning of inclusivity. The brand is reevaluating the beauty standards that form around our naked selves, starting with undergarments. As consumers begin to look past lingerie mainstays like Victoria’s Secret due to a lack of diversity and inclusion within their business models, this has opened up many opportunities for new startups to enter the market, with Parade being one of them. 

Photo via @parade on Instagram

These new startups make up for what big companies have forgotten; involving real people in campaigns. Parade uses models from all different sizes, demonstrating authenticity and how the underwear fits on these bodies to consumers. Parade also prides themselves in giving back to proper healthcare as 1% of their revenue goes to Planned Parenthood across the United States. The company also supports social justice movements  as they have also donated pairs of their products to LGBTQ+ organizations across the United States and donated to bailout funds across the country, demonstrating their support of the Black community and marginalized groups.

Photo via @parade on Instagram

With the brand’s surge of attention, buyers have left their positive reviews on many social media platforms. Parade’s e-commerce model defies the conventional ways of buying underwear. Compared to the traditional process of picking up underwear at the mall, the brand’s community and business model emphasize the relationship between the consumers and the product, supporting social causes and practicing sustainable manufacturing. With Parade and other new age underwear brands, underwear isn’t just a meaningless piece of fabric – it’s a movement.