Nuit Blanche Survival Guide

[I]f you’re a Ryerson newbie, you’ll get to experience Nuit Blanche – a night of vibrant colors, inspiring creations, and new technology – for the first time. The evening of September the 29th will be yours to go around town and see all the sights; but without taking the proper steps, you might end up wishing you were cuddled up in your bed watching Say Yes to The Dress reruns. Follow these handy tips though, and you might find something worthwhile at Toronto’s white night.

Tip # 1: Be Prepared
There will be more than 150 art pieces scattered around the city – only a fool would hope to see them all. But you might fit in a big chunk of the good ones if you’ve planned ahead. There are 3 zones (A, B, and C) spread out through the downtown area, all of which have a fair share of cool displays. Try getting an all-night TTC pass so your little piggies don’t get too worn out! You can visit the official Nuit Blanche website to see what interests you and to create your own personalized planner, which you can then access on your mobile.

Tip # 2: Drink and Dress for the Occasion

There will be millions of people walking on the streets , that alone making it difficult to navigate around town. Add a few shots of alcohol and several pints of beer, and voila, you’ve got chaos. Try to avoid hard liquor (I know it’s hard) and go for coffee instead! The festival will last from 7pm to sunrise, so you’ll need the caffeine. Something else you’ll need: proper shoes. Ladies, leave the heels home and bring out the sneakers.

Tip # 3: Bring friends
The idea of the solitary artist might be romantic, but it could also be a tad bit boring. Remember that you’ll be scouting around town during the wee hours of the night. And during those long subway rides, you’ll want someone to talk to! Plus, you’ll get to discuss how you feel about the pieces you’re looking at.

Tip # 4: Don’t bring too many friends
While you should bring along a small posse, trying to find your way through swarms of late-night revellers might pose a bit of a problem if you have more than 4 or 5 people in your group. Try to keep your group small, and stay together. We’ve all had the all-too familiar case of conveniently losing the one friend with a dead phone. Been there, done that, don’t ever want to do it again.

Tip # 5: Have an open Mind

Many a reader will choose to ignore most if not all of these tips, but the one indispensable rule to doing Nuit Blanche right is keeping an open mind. Give some thought to what you’re looking at and try to understand where the artists are coming from. Although you may be completely turned off by some of the art installations, you may find a thing or two of interest if you delve deeper than face value. But above all, have fun with it. You save Say Yes to the Dress for another occasion.