Ode to Peter Do: A Designer To Follow

Peter Do is a New York-based designer who creates clothes for the modern woman. His womenswear stands out in contemporary design and a refreshing sight within the Western fashion scene. 

With his sleek tailoring Do’s clothes emit the energy of a working woman who dresses with intention. In his Spring 2020 RTW collection, his attention to detail with the leather blazers are impeccable. The crescent cut out in the back of the blazer adds definition and attention to the wearer’s back, complimenting the natural curves of the midriff. These cut outs have now become a signifier of the label with some having the ability to transform into a bolero.

This energy can very well parallel with old Céline’s Philo era as he spent two years working for the reputable brand. The mix of minimalism along with elegance is emphasized through the collections. These necessities that Do has designed really depict that the small details matter. 

It is amazing to see such talent like Peter Do, a Vietnamese designer that has made space for himself within the luxury fashion market–an industry that has been dominated by the west. 

The label’s ability to be featured on Vogue Runway and different editorials despite being only roughly 3 years old shows that there is something special with Peter Do, and people know it. With signature cuts to knit sweaters and the way Do’s clothes just drape on the moving body effortlessly, it shows his craftsmanship in creating crisp pleats. 

Do’s knowledge of the woman’s body is amazing with the way the clothes were designed for functionality. The accessories from the brand; brushed silver or gold are to die for. They act as a mode of fluidity and though they are luxurious, they are classic pieces that are delicate and somehow futuristic. 

The Brushed Silver Card Case from Peter Do. (Photo Courtesy of Peter Do)

You see, I first heard of Peter Do through Pam_Boy, a fashion journalist who was working with Love Magazine. I was so astonished to see a Vietnamese designer listed as one of their favourite collections for Spring 2020 RTW with the lack of Southeast Asian representation in the industry. 

In his Fall 2020 RTW, his inspirations ran from Suspira and Midsommar with the idea of the “Final Girl”. The “Final Girl” is the woman who is last seen standing at the end of a horror film surviving the killer and living to tell the tale. Tailored garments were emphasized again with the label’s introduction of steel tipped square boots and pleated mid length skirts. Knitwear styled in a monochromatic manner paired with these squared toe boots gave futuristic femme fatale vibes especially with the classic leather blazer and matching floor length pants. The clothes and styling were mesmerizing as always.

Peter Do in collaboration with Medea. (Photo Courtesy of Peter Do)

In Do’s latest collection Spring 2021 RTW, the most interesting aspect was that there was a collaboration with Medea, a well-renowned leather goods label. It was quite refreshing to see different labels collaborating with each other to create beautiful bags. With the dramatically large shoulder bags in the crocodile print to the long baguette length bags –literally named Baguette–these pieces emulated the sincerity of Do’s craftsmanship and its ability to become statement pieces.

Collaborations have been done before, but it is quite rare to see some happen within the fashion industry. With this Spring collection, the label begins its visual trademark with the steel toe square boots with the addition of softness in its light blouses and loosely-tied jackets. Through these collections, Peter Do has proven that they are a label to follow with its flexibility in craftsmanship and sincere engagement to followers they display online. The label updates their social media with their work in progress, keeping followers updated and in the loop while demonstrating activism on social issues. This is quite a firm take on demonstrating their brand image of an honest label. It demonstrates another level of authenticity which was so beautiful. 

With their many charms, Peter Do designs for the people and demonstrates transparency of fashion through social media. I applaud and thank Do for his beautiful designs and for inspiring many Southeast Asians to feel more confident maneuvering their way within fashion. Do epitomizes the capabilities of a Vietnamese fashion scene that is already growing. I cannot wait to see what will come next for the label and their growth within the luxury market.