Olympic Spirit on Gould

A small, yet infectious crowd gathered at the Olympic Lounge on Gould Street on the last day of the Olympic games. Although it was early in the AMs, spirits were high, Tim Hortons were in hand, and smiles all around as Canada takes Olympic gold in Men’s Hockey.

Photos by Alexa Phillips.



_MG_3031   _MG_3037 (left to right) Andres, Gabriel and Ralph serving coffee and pancakes.

_MG_3016 Melissa Golberg shows off her Canada sweater.

_MG_3033 Darrell Dean and Shane Hebel are volunteers for Pridehouse Toronto.

_MG_3071 Fans cheering after Sidney Crosby’s goal in the second period.

_MG_3193-3 (left to right) Doug Kerr, Malaki Kerr-Went, and Michael Went celebrate Canada’s win.