One-Word Photo Project: Friendship

School isn’t all just about studying and getting a diploma. You also get the chance to meet some special people along the way that will help create your best memories. The friends you make in university could last you the rest of your life, so we asked Ryerson photographers to send us one of their photos that best represents friendship.


During my time in engineering, I found that friendship was the one thing that kept me smiling. Photographing this year’s RyEng frosh was amazing, being able to be part of these new found relationships. Through the thick and thin, the ones you love are the ones that will never fail to make the highlights in life!

Photographer: Shanuja Nagarathinam, second-year civil engineering

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Friendship is comfort. It’s sitting in silence and knowing exactly what the other is thinking. It’s six people shoved in the back seat, or twerking in the deli aisle of No Frills. It’s midnight adventures. It’s late night phone calls and incoherent messages. Laughing so hard you cry. It’s always being able to be yourself. Never putting on a façade. Friendship doesn’t have to try too hard or try to be perfect. Friendship is there for you even when you don’t let it in.

Photographer: Seta Manukya, second-year business management

Friendship is a beautiful word describing an even more beautiful relationship linked to the most beautiful qualities one can experience in life. It is a mutual relation based on accepting, understanding and supporting each other and in each situation. My friends – delightful souls and lovely personalities – are always here for me to share my laughs and tears; and I am really grateful to call them my friends.

Photographer: Amanda Skrabucha, second-year journalism


At first, I was going to type up some cheesy-intellectual stuff but then it hit me. Friendship is when you enjoy every song being played by whoever in is control of the AUX cord; a bonus is when you can recite every song with them, word-for-word. That’s what I think friendship is.

Photographer: Mitul Shah, second-year business technology management


Never had a real friend in my life, probably because of my expectations. I think a friend should never make you wait and should never leave you on your own. But a real friend always waits, and he’s always there for you no matter what. That’s what came to my mind the day I saw her sitting on a bench, waiting for her friend.

Photographer: Mohammadali Saremi, second-year mechanical engineering


The dictionary term of friendship is “the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.” Friendship is not an emotion to me, it’s an agreement for me. An agreement in which people make to each other to be true to each other and care for each other. Friendship is the agreement you make between others to share your feelings to them. Lastly, friendship is the agreement to unconditionally accept each other. Friendship in my dictionary is an agreement made between two or more people to be true to, care for, share feelings towards, and unconditionally accept each other.

Photographer: Navaneeth Mulloli Panikan, first-year business technology management


Friendship is undefinable as it is a different experience for everyone. It’s about having a connection with someone and being able to trust them, confide in them and be honest with them. It’s about enjoying the time spent together and bonding over similar interests. The definition of friendship is endless, but the secret for the strongest friendships is being able to hang off of a rooftop together and trusting you’ll both hold on.

Photographer: Samantha Tapp, fourth-year journalism


Your partner in crime, ride or die, and best friend forever. Built off of trust and respect, friendship is the greatest gift one can be rewarded. Through the breezy and difficult times that you and your partner endure together, a unique bond is formed that nothing else can replace. Friendship is not something that you learn in school or from your peers, yet it is the most essential lesson that a man can learn to appreciate in their life.
“I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam.” – J.R.R Tolkien, Return of the King

Photographer: Kenny Choi, first-year photography studies