Orientation 2011: Guinness World Record Event

1. The orientation crew’s “Spirit Squad” gets things started.

2. ARi Lyon-Wein – lead singer of Monday Rose, leads the crowd towards the new Guinness World Record.

3. Ryerson breaks the record for the most maracas played at the same time.

4. A member of the spirit squad continues to provide non-stop energy to the crowd.

5. A part of Class 2015. Welcome to Ryerson!

6. City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam prepares for a tweet before giving incoming students a few words of motivation for university.

7. The crowd looks on as the RSU Executives take the stage.

8. Ryerson University President Sheldon Levy welcomes incoming students.

9. ARi Lyon-Wein listens to the crowd in the quad cheer on.

10. The ROC crew continues to celebrate orientation week.

11. First year students and orientation crew leaders warm up for the main event.