Photo contest: what did you do over reading week?

We asked that between all the assignments, studying for midterms and any potential fun you had, that you post some of your awesome photos documenting your reading week.

It was tough picking the best photos, but here are the top five submissions. Congratulations to the winner, Luke Avoledo, who won a $10 gift card to a store of his choice.


  1. @Lukeavoledo — Luke Avoledo

Just a lil pic of me and the black void that is all the homework I haven’t done! #FolioRW

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Here’s an eye-catching and striking photo taken by Luke over the break. He was very active in submitting photos using #FolioRW and this was one of his best. Its lines are clean, the photo is minimalistic, and it’s a fresh take on a portrait. Great shot, Luke!


  1. @Marc.gamboa — Marc Gamboa

We love the cool tones in this photo. Marc looks stylish, sleek,  and effortlessly cool — I wish I looked like that over the break.


  1. @Leonardtonye — Anthony Esguerra

This is an incredibly interesting photo with great composition. It’s unique and exciting and the sun flare is a nice touch. The subject really stands out against the environment, especially since it looks like they climbed up to do some urban exploration to get the shot.


  1. @cuffgod — Samuel Letnik

im just having fun

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The post is edgy and feels like a throwback to the ‘80s and ‘90s, and that’s done not just through the photo editing, but the composition and the subjects themselves. These photos really capture an urban feeling, transporting you to a time when things just felt cooler and better.


  1. @sj.snaps — Sam Jackson

Working on assignments and having a lot of fun at the same time

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Here is a super sweet and fun photo taken by Samantha Jackson. The expression on his face is endearing and she’s captured a photo that feels intimate and lively. It looks like she spent her break not only working hard, but taking some awesome photos of her friends too.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Check out all the Instagram pages of the winners and give them a follow if you liked any of their photos. Make sure to follow @RyersonFolio and like us on Facebook to stay updated on future contests.