Pitman Hall Quad… ACS 2015

I’ve always appreciated the thought that bike commuting doesn’t necessarily mean that fashion has to be compromised, but unfortunately, we don’t see it often enough in Toronto (at least compared to say, the bicycle culture in Amsterdam). So when we asked to take this fellow student’s photo, we were a bit surprised to hear that she had just “biked across the city” to Ryerson.

Can cycling and fashion go hand in hand? Can we start riding to work with a suit and a tie, or bike our way to class and not have to dress like Lance Armstrong? I find that a lot of individuals choose not to bike commute because they don’t see themselves as that cyclist – or that “Lance Armstrong” type of figure, so it’s interesting to think that fashion can be the tipping point in encouraging a larger portion of the population to begin bike commuting. We hope to see more fashion on wheels around campus soon!