Quarantine trends: A remote learning lookbook

Illustration by Bren Robinson.

During quarantine, different trends came in and out of style, with some leaving a permanent mark in the fashion industry. TikTok and Instagram have become the go-to platforms for keeping up with these changes, with TikTok using creative ways to make 60 second videos of various looks. 

Influencers and other social media users have had just a big role in popularizing trends, coming out with their own lookbooks and listicles. 

From indie looks coming back into style, to the increasing popularity of street style, to dressing up loungewear, during the lockdown people have seen it all. 

This lookbook is inspired by different trends that became popular during lockdown. Specifically, it explores Ryerson students’ quarantine fashion. 

Person wearing denim and chelsea boots.
Christy Lau, a third-year fashion design student at Ryerson. (Ryerson Folio/Christy Lau)

Lau’s look is perfect for exploring the city or a physically distanced night out in downtown Toronto. The denim miniskirt has been around for ages, but pairing it with a denim top and Chelsea boots ties the whole look together in a more chic sense. 

“My personal style has definitely changed because of COVID-19. My preference has shifted towards the comfy side—sweatshirts, sweaters, and hoodies. I have worn much less accessories and heels as well,” said Lau. 

A person wearing an oversized button down shirt and mom jeans.
Ivana Vidakovic, a fourth-year marketing management student at Ryerson. (Ryerson Folio/Ivana Vidakovic)

The oversized look has hit the runways and shifted street style. Models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have adopted these looks, highlighting their figures with baggy pieces of clothing that give off an ‘80s look. 

Vidakovic has done the same, raiding her dad’s closet for those types of pieces. An oversized button down shirt, paired with mom jeans, which are making a return, is a classic “COVID” look nowadays. Bright pink socks and Converse tie the look with a casual vibe. 

Like others, Vidakovic used to put more effort into her outfits, making sure they were “perfectly coordinated.” Now, she looks to her dad’s closet for some staple, oversized pieces.

“I love that I was so coordinated before all of this but these days I almost feel more connected to myself by wearing less traditionally ‘feminine’ pieces. I’ve also been trying to decrease my consumption habits so now I just experiment more with my basics,” said Vidakovic. 

Person wearing flare pants and a vintage windbreaker that matches their orange shoes.
Vanessa Nguyen, a second-year fashion communications student at Ryerson. (Ryerson Folio/Vanessa Nguyen)

Boyfriend, mom and vintage style jeans are making a comeback as skinny jeans go out of style. Matching your top with your shoes is a trend that’s been around for a while. Nguyen has upped the look, choosing to tie the whole outfit together with straight white jeans. 

Nguyen’s look is the perfect mix between street style and trendy, with her printed windbreaker being a staple for both the spring and fall seasons. 

She opted to add more colour into her closet, going for bold colours and bright colour palettes, with TikTok being the inspiration to change her style. 

“Now that I’m back in Toronto, I draw a lot of inspiration from my fashion friends. We all love the grunge, avant-garde look, with oversized leather jackets, chunky boots and corsets.”

Megan Ebreo, a second-year journalism student at Ryerson. (Ryerson Folio/Megan Ebreo)

With Ryerson’s classes going online for both semesters, students often opt for this type of look because they are at home all day. 

An oversized hoodie, sweatpants and the classic Nike A1 Air Force sneakers are the go-to look for students like Ebreo.

Loungewear can be both trendy and flexible, with the option of dressing it up for a stylish look or dressing it down for those laid-back days. 

“Before COVID, I would take more time and put more thought into my daily outfits. My clothes would be influenced by a commuting lifestyle as I would regularly travel to school and work daily,” said Ebreo. “I typically wear baggier clothes now, including sweatpants and sweaters. Since I’m mainly at home for Zoom classes during school, I prefer to keep it comfy and cozy.”