Relevant student life hacks

You forgot your phone, the weather is awful, and you have slept fewer hours than the number of assignments you have due this week. Life as a student is hard enough, so Ryerson Folio’s got your back. We rounded up four categories of life hacks to help you out with your day-to-day Ryerson problems. That way, the struggle doesn’t have to be so real.

Photo: Celina Torrijos

Photo: Celina Torrijos

The Best Places on Campus to Study and Sleep (or both)

*If you can’t book a study room in the library, you can study in the rooms of the Victoria building and Eric Palin Hall between scheduled classes.

*Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre’s fifth and sixth floors are a great place to study with large windows and a nice view. It’s usually pretty easy to find a spot and some students claim that the Internet is faster in this building. There are comfy chairs in each of the corners on both floors where you can read, study or sleep.

*The eighth floor of the library has windows, which makes studying there feel less like being trapped in a dungeon.

*The lobby of the podium building near the cafe, which brews Starbucks coffee, has black arm chairs that are suitable for power-napping.

Photo: Celina Torrijos

Photo: Celina Torrijos

Places Open Late

*While most Tim Horton’s on campus close at 8 p.m. (Jorgenson Hall, Kerr Hall, TRSM seventh Floor), the Tim Horton’s on the library bridge is open until 10 p.m.

*Pita Land on Gerrard Street East is open until 4 a.m.

*The Metro in front of the RCC is open 24/7.

*Lou Dawgs on Gerrard Street East is open until 2 a.m.

Photo: Celina Torrijos

Photo: Celina Torrijos


*If you’ve just finished class and need to get ready on campus for a night out, the washroom on the third floor of the Rogers Communication Centre is well-lit and has a large mirror and a ledge for you to put your makeup on.

*Sometimes you just have to go. The best and most private place to go number two is in the accessible washrooms in the engineering building. Ted Rogers School of Management, the AMC building and the Eaton Centre bathrooms have a lot of stalls that give you the comfort of diffused responsibility.

*To avoid walking outside during bad weather, walk through the library building to get to Kerr Hall and the RCC.

*From the subway you can get to the AMC building and to the TRSM without stepping outside.

*Those daily coffee runs can add up, so bring your own tea or coffee from home in a travel mug and use the Ryerson Student Centre’s hot water spigot.

Photo: Celina Torrijos

Photo: Celina Torrijos

Student Budget Friendly

*For days when it rains unexpectedly, you can get a cheap umbrella at the 7/11 on Yonge Street across from the new Student Learning Centre

*During exam season when you’re #teamnosleep, the 7/11 is also a cheap place to get energy drinks: two for $4. Metro sells three for $5 during sales.

*If you need an article but have hit your limit of free articles on sites like, before the paywall comes up, press the ESC key on your keyboard to keep it from loading.

*Another method to get around paywalls is to try and find the article on Twitter. Links through any social media don’t contribute to your monthly limit.

*Tuesdays at Magic Lantern Carlton Cinema will cost you $5 (Yonge/Carlton)

*Friendly Fiver at The Hub Cafe: get a locally-sourced healthy meal for $5 every day.

*And for everything else: the two closest Dollarama locations are at College Park and Moss Park.